Beginner offering readings

  • Missy, hi wow, thank you so much for your heartfelt and kind, pretty accurate reading. To say the least I can pretty much relate to so much of it. You have a beautiful, gentle and warm way of expressing and your writing is very special. Thank you for that.

    To make some comments, needless to say that I was pretty hurt and my feelings run very deeply. This was a relationship that was very special to me and I don't regret it but as you saw there was some deep hurts and feelings that maybe could have been avoided. I can feel you connected with me and that you may have dealt with similar situation and gently expressed that to me. Missy, if you feel like you can tell more in this case please let me know. Can you pick up on what changed for him or perhaps any more light on this/or circumstances etc or anything related to me please let me know. Ok, this is awesome and you are just like a fairy. As you said i do care, always will but life must and will continue because that is for sure and we cannot stop it and or avoid it. Xxoo and take care, blessings.

  • thanks for the reading missymill.

    i actually am looking for a job at the moment. i have also applied for a volunteer spot with a company. i am not sure what kind of job you are talking about. if it's volunteer work i am doing that you have seen me in or a paid job that is monotonous. so far i have only seen bad luck in terms of finding a job. i am concerned because few readers have picked on deception and very hurtful situations when i am in a full time job. that was the reason i asked this question to know exactly what will cause me to switch to another job when finding job has been so difficult to me so far. i actually feel lost at the moment. i don't know what kind of company/work field i should be looking for a job in as i have only seen disappointment in the area that matches my educational qualification and there anything you could tell about the profession i should be looking to work in? i haven't worked in years and this has left me with zero luck in terms of finding a suitable job for myself.

    i truly appreciate your time and effort here. i would love to do a tarot reading in return if you have a question. please do let me know!

    much love and blessings to you my dear!

  • Missy, i just wanted to add that you are right about the regrets- i've had a few, one very fresh...

    i know i should not dwell on the past, as you said all these experiences have enriched me somehow so there is no need to grieve... And thank you for your kind words. We sometimes forget to appreciate and simply like ourselves, the way we are. 🙂

  • znl,

    you are right, I did deal with a similar situation. Perhaps that is why spirit has given me the insight into your situation. I was quite surprised that all of that was coming to me when I was writing to you. It is not something that I want to see for anyone as I know the turmoil it causes and how difficult it is to over come. As far as what changed for him... I think he realized the dynamics of the situation and did not feel good about the things that were happening. It was difficult for him, but I think he figures things are better for you both if you are not together. He feels a sense of guilt for the ways that he hurt you and does not want to take on any more guilt or be reminded of it. It's maybe an "out of sight out of mind" thing for him.

    I hope that helps to bring you some more clarity. Just keep taking care of you, and stop worrying about him and what he's doing or thinking. I know that is difficult, but it will bring you healing.

    Love and blessings!


  • Ace of cups,

    I did not see deception and hurtful situations. Perhaps that will come later, beyond what I saw. Or maybe the boredom and monotony leads to such deception and hurtfulness. I am wondering if you had these kinds of issues on a previous jobs and you are carrying that energy with you. Perhaps you need to release the past and look for a more enriching future rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of what is to come. I am still seeing an office where the work you do is administrative and clerical. I am also now getting that the issues you mentioned come from jealousy. I see a woman carrying a bundle of papers and another woman off to the side with a very critical and judgmental manner. She has many unresolved issues in her own life which cause her to stir up trouble for others. I think spirit is saying that your best course of action is to try and understand that about her and love her through it. Maybe you will decide to leave, but it may be a transfer to another location or department rather than a new job.

    What is most important here is that you try and keep from obsessively thinking about the situation. Look ahead with positive thoughts knowing that you can handle any situation with spirit all around you.

    I would very much appreciate a reading. I am so grateful that you offered as I am always open to someone else's perspective regarding my situation. My issues center around love and relationships with men. Since my divorce 4 years ago, I have attempted to open my heart to 3 men, but was not able to form a real relationship. I would like to know how each of these men really feel about me.

    Thank you! Prosperity and positive energy and blessings to you!


  • Hello Dmick59,

    I did a reading for you a couple days ago, but as I went to post it, the internet went out and I lost it, so I will attempt to do it again...

    First of all, I feel spirit wants you to trust your ability to get the answers you are seeking. Ask the question and trust the spirit will translate it so that the reader understands how spirit wants to answer. I sense a very strong male energy, young, 20s maybe. I am not sure if that is you or someone significant in your life. I am also sensing a sort of sadness or depression. I am getting an image of a dog standing in a grassy area, like the back yard maybe. I get the impression that it means you feel lonely in the midst of a good situation and you don't understand this sadness, loneliness, or depression. I am feeling like you need to look deep inside yourself to find that answer. Your dreams may also give you some clues as to where it is coming from.

    ok, does that make any sense to you? Feel free to ask the question you wanted to ask, and I will do my best to find an answer for you.

    Love and light to you!


  • Hello Mariapisces,

    I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long. Thank you for the positive energy! You are right, spirit is more inclined to tell us what we need to know. Although I believe it s always ok to ask, but sometimes there are things we are better off not knowing because it will effect how we do things. I am sorry to hear of your health and emotions and the bad place you find yourself in. I am not exactly sure what you mean by your condition being part of a spiritual manifestation. Does this mean that you are suffering in regard to spiritual energy that you came into contact with? I can tell you based on my own experiences that you have to make a conscious decision to banish any negative energy from your body daily. It isn't always easy, because we don't feel like doing maintenance every day, but it makes us feel better in the long run. I feel that you need to put yourself in a spiritual bubble, where you are surrounded with positive and healing energy. This needs to be the consistent feeling about you throughout your waking hours. Invite love and healing into your life and banish sickness and any other negative energy. Then ask spirit to heal your body, mind, and spirit, and then beleive that it is done. You will notice a difference in a matter of a few days.

    Hope this is what you needed. Sending you healing, love, and light!


  • hll, Mariskaa, and daisy fairy, I have no forgotten about you. I will try to find time for you in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience. Blessings!

  • hi missymill!

    thank you so much for further clarifications. at least i know now that it is transition that i have been picking on in my own readings regarding this job and the woman shows up being argumentative too. i'll remember what you mentioned as it validates my own readings as well.

    i have been applying to different areas of work in various companies, both government and private.

    i have just one more follow up question. what kind of company do you see me doing this clerical/admin job at? is it a government agency or private company or non-profit? what do they deal in? just to know where this job is coming from as i have been waiting to hear from too many companies all from various different fields of work.

    i'll come back with your reading tomorrow. watch this space!!!!

    thanks much for your help. it is much appreciated my friend!

  • Dear Missy, hello, first, you are amazing in the way you directly and simply reply to the question and also the advice you give as a healing to the situation. I hope spirit returns so much more back to you. Your last writing to me is very much in tune with how I feel too. I have come a long way from how it was for me in this situation as I am sure you know it was very hard for me. I also value what this relationship did bring in a positive way to my person, life and learned big lessons even though the hard way! Missy can you tell me more about this "I think he realized the dynamics of the situation and did not feel good about the things that were happening"?

    Missy, I hope it's ok, but I'd like to ask a couple more clarifying questions. How does he really feel about me? Has he moved on with someone else?

    I am so grateful for your reading and for your time. Love, light and blessings to you lovely MM.

  • Hi MM

    I mention spiritual manifestation because before all these crazy symptoms started a child spirit talked with me, saying that he wanted me for his mom, it didn’t scared me at the time because I was used to hear spirits all the time, I explained that I couldn’t because I don’t belong to the same world as she’s in and told her to find the light.

    A few hours later I went to bed, all of the sudden I start feeling shiverings all over my body, something wasn’t right, so for the first time after talking to a spirit I got scared, real scared and I couldn’t sleep.

    I was under a lot of stress too, because my husband was going under surgery. The next day I completely forgot to eat and rest and went to pick him up at the hospital and then I had what u can call it signs of a stroke, while waiting for him to be released. Since that day I’ve been feeling all kind of weird symptoms even have developed anxiety which Im being treated for, did all crazy tests that came back okay but what bugs me is that I still have this ear pain that doesn’t leaves me an no one knows what it is and now apparently I developed IBS due all the meds I took for the ear.

    Now I can’t do anything, my life is evolving around my health, it sucks. I just want to feel better again or at least know what I need to do to turn this around or what I really have. Im tired of docs and tests and Im starting to withdraw and feel depressed and no love.

    I’ve been doing what u advised, they told me to exercise too, to strengthen my muscles and believe and I miss my angels but Im so drained lately that I just keep them away, sometimes its so hard to understand because they talk in riddles or just give you a word and sometimes they blow my mind away with their accuracy but as usual they don’t tell me anything about my life if is a life changing subject but about others they do and its weird somehow I forget what I said, I guess it isn’t mine to keep,ahaha.

    Thank you, take ur time, don’t rush yourself, even having a lot of energy to share sometimes u can be drained too and do yourself a favor and don’t get to involved or this will make you suffer. Don’t ever lose your joy love yourself first.

    Sorry for the long text, light and love.

  • hi mm

    i did three readings for 3 men(A B C) in your life

    man A: this man somewhere still feels that you might come back one day. he really seem to have invested a great deal in you and is rather upset that it didn't bear fruit. he likes you and looks for you in admiration. this was a relationship that he grew into. he is actually working on his own thought process and pausing to consider what he wants to continue doing and what not.

    man B: he is nostalgic about you, bittersweet memories i would say but mostly a friendly vibe where we want to go back memory lane and cherish what we had once with the other person. sometimes he longs for those innocent times you had together and want to return back, but he is aware that both of you have moved on. he might still be interested in reconnecting with you based on your experiences in the past together.

    man 😄 this man is more thinking of sensual/sexual/physical part of your relationship.he was quite sexually attracted to you and he seems so still. he feels that you two can build something solid in reality if given a chance. he has actually come to realize your worth and feels that had you been in a relationship with him it would have given birth to something very stable and realistic in the real world. he has sensed the seed there, that would have grown into a big tree laden with fruits and flowers if you were together.

    i hope these readings resonate and make sense dear! please do let me know!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi MissyMill,

    I would appreciate a reading. Just curious what JB, is up to, as we hadn't had official closure conversation; although for all practical purposes as far as I'm concerned it is a thing of the past between he and I.

    I have reconnected with a childhood love, KM, and am enjoying the developing connection. What do you see in the area of love/relationship & my future around career/finances.

    Thank you so much! Light & Love surround you,


  • Aceofcups,

    I was planning to take care of everyone here first, but I feel like I need to get this out so my mind will be clear to effectively help everyone. I appreciate the readings and you were spot on. I will give you a little more information and hope you have some additional feedback fr ma. Especially for Man A. He is the most recent. We dated in highschool and reconnected a few months ago. It was going well, and he talked me into finding a job her and moving in with him. 2 weeks later he pulled away, and when I questioned him, he said he didn't feel a connection. I don't totally believe that. I do know that we had different expectations from the relationship, and I went through a needy time while trying to get settled. So now we are just room mates. He has done some little things that make me think he still wants something, but I don't respond. I have put up a barrier to protect my heart. So, I guess I am wondering if he really wants to try again... and if I should continue to keep him at arms length. I feel like he has alot to prove if he wants to be with me.

    Man B is someone that I have a special "friendship with for over a year. I know he cared for me, but could never admit it. He moved out of state for a job a year ago and it took me 6 months to start to get over him. You said he might want to reconnect. Did you mean this as a casual thing, or would he consider a relationship?

    Man 3, as you said was a very physical. The connection was unlike any other I've known. I can't seem to forget him. I know we both felt something special, but the timing was never good. I know I live too far away now, but do you think he would actually consider a relationship now? Or does he just see how it could be, but not willing to put forth any effort?

    Don't worry, I am not planning on making any more big decisions based on the men in my life. Usually when I get a love reading, the reader always sees an older man as a partner, but that would be none of these. Yet, at this point, I am really not wanting a man in my life at all.

    Thank you so much for the readings. It has helped to get this jumble out of my head.

    Love and Light and blessings!


  • Hi MissyMill

    I was guided here by a very good friend who said you were very good, and that you might have some insights into what is going on in my life.

    I have been alone and suffering a great deal in recent times and don't know how to pull myself out of it. I have had very little luck in relationships, and miss having a partner in my life. I work very hard, and work hard out of work as well. I'm getting very tired now and feel like I'm on the verge of giving up, so exhausted I've become, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    I have not been a whinger and have not ever thought of giving up, but the last few months, I truly have considered giving up the fight because all I end up getting is disappointed, sad and tired. This has been frustrating because I was getting excited about my life, but in the last month or so, it's like the shutters came down and I'm back to suffering.

    If you can see what is affecting me and how I can fix this, it would be appreciated. If not, don't worry! I am a complex soul and one who also reads, although I have not done much of it over the last two or three years. So if you worry that your messages are mixed, or unclear, it's all good. Please just go with whatever you get.

    Thank you for offering this to others! If I can pick up anything about you, I'll pass it on, although at the time of writing, I'm about to switch off and try to relax - something I haven't been doing much of in recent months.

    Again, thank you for your selfless offer of help/guidance to others. You will receive many blessings though doing this, and will "grow" your psychic ability in ways you didn't think you could.

    Actually ... I do have a message for you: TRUST in your own ability. TRUST what you "get" and simply let the words fall out.



  • Hi Missy,

    Hope you are doing well 🙂

    Yeah I got that about you – many readers are so giving in their efforts that they over-extend themselves. I also think it’s because when you’re in your element – it’s hard to pull away sometimes. But we must take a break, when we need to 🙂

    I’m amazed by you – yes I did feel as if we had a Soul connection. Very strange. And our association (both the good and bad bits) helped inspire a move to a different phase in my life – one that made me see different facets of myself I had not known existed. I feel more liberated as a result. I think it is when I realized his part in bringing about this change (although indirectly) that the healing accelerated. I do feel grateful and he does indeed hold a special place in my heart. I just don’t seem to be completely over him, though functionally I am. Can’t seem to completely shake off the old attraction and I’m not sure, but I sense it is still mutual.

    You’re right that I didn’t feel appreciated. But I also know that this is life lesson for me, as it is a recurring theme in my life. The good thing is that I’m learning to value myself better these days and looking less for external validation.

    When you get a chance, after the other requests, may I have another reading? It’s related to not feeling appreciated.

    I have just finished a contract role. Performed really well in my estimation, but again, I wasn’t appreciated and did not get the performance rating I’d hoped for. I appear to be caught up in someone’s power trip. And I’m now leaving with a heavy heart because I feel taken for granted (though I will bounce back pretty soon I guess).

    I want to know about why things did not work with her – and what forces are at work? Also, do you see that there will be suitable new job opportunities for me soon? I was already asked to consider 2 roles (at the same and previous companies) but they’re not a fit to my personality and interests.

    Take your time, as always.

    And you know what, I do believe that Spirit brings us together for mutual learning experiences 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying doing the readings so far. Take care of yourself – love and light to you!

  • Hi MissyMill,

    If you're still offering, I'd love a love reading :-). Anything you pick up would be great.



  • I am so sorry that I have neglected you all here. My life has been a little chaotic lately... many things coming at me at once, and I simply have not had the energy to read for anyone. I think I am getting a grip on things now and would like to stay true to my word in offering readings.

    hll, Mariska, Daisyfairy, TheTransformed, and Pisces1803, please let me know if you are still watching this thread for your reading and I will make a better effort at getting them done for you.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • and Moon50, let me know if you are still watching. Anyone else that had follow up questions, let me know also if you are still waiting. I truly want to help you all if I still can.


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