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  • Hello!

    I am just a few weeks into learning about this site and have asked you for a reading and you have kindly responded. I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't aware of the protocol and do appreciate you posting the LACK OF RESPECT thread. I will make sure that I am more conscientious of how I approach you and other Readers on here! I have gotten some awesome answers and hope to practice the advice that was given! Again, if I offended you or others here, I apologize. It certainly was not my intention. Wishing you a blessed day! ~Susan

  • You were very respectful on my thread and I thank you for that. I was one of the guilty parties when I first arrived here but with time....we all find out the right and wrong way to approach things. Part of the problem when getting on this forum, there isn't any REAL guidelines on how to ask for a reading and so if you do like I did, which was follow by example, it doesn't help. Many people here are very very happy to give their time but having stepped over to the giving readings verses getting readings has made me realize that it isn't quite what it seems. Thanks to Charmed starting that thread because I learned a thing or two myself, and for helping me control my threads because if she hadn't I would have been too overwhelmed and might not have been as open as I was when doing readings. Not being open....means not being able to see everything...the energy gets blocked. :0) Blessings and thank you for starting this me yet another opportunity to show thanks!!!

  • Nasuone, u dont need to apologize.

    As i mentioned on another thread is this site for many a learning curve. I myself have jumped on a thread without considering is it ok with the threadstarter at all. So ive apologized. Main thing is we become aware n we apologize. As for the thread well as i recall nasuone it was on a thread started by a newbie reader who too fast got swallowed in the magnitude, n i stepped in to help her. By it many jumped to it.- The reason i believe is bc a newbie asked who would like one im practising thread. by it MANY will jump. readers included.

    Something bit in me, n i started to look at other threads, both by newbies n oldies n other threads, n i sa a pattern. For teh sake of rookie readers i started the thread, not just for readers to gather n find an eticette, but also for newbies to get help as not to get swamped. Further for those who ask to get some view of what it is like for us readers, n what good decorum is.

    U nasuone ive not seen as ine of the bad ones at all. U were very nice, very polite n unbelievable patient. Soemthing many members can learn from n take onto themselves. I value patience high n u my dear has it. In abundances even.

    So please sweetie, know u didnt offend at all. Again as i recall u didnt ask time n again when u felt readers didnt hurry to help u, like a few others did. So please be at peace that u DEFINITELY didnt offend me one bit.

    Bless ya nasuone!

  • Thank you Aunt Buck, Charmed Witch Bente. I appreciate your acknowledgement. It truly has been in my favor to find this site and to meet the gifted people who are here to share it! Have a blessed day! ~Susan

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  • AAAawwww u guyysssssss .....................oh now im bluishing here lol

  • notshy2beme,

    Thank you! Bless you!

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