Intuition - Reading =)

  • I'm so grateful I found this site! I'm new to tarot, but it is such an amazing tool!

    I grew up being taught that tarot, astrology, and the like were "demonic", and about a year ago I got "brave" and went to a card reading with a friend in Salem, Mass. Ever since then, tarot has never left my heart! The beautiful man that read my cards made the comment that I have a strong intuition and would be good at reading cards.

    A lot in my life, specifically Spiritually, is being realized, and again...I just can't stop loving tarot! I wanted to know if I could receive a reading on whether my path has a strong tie to being a card reader.

    With all that's changing and churning with me, I would so love to have some insight into this aspect to ease my my from some wonder! 😃

    With Love ❤

  • Card reading is just one of the tools you can use to prompt and gain access to your psychic ability. But if you have the confidence in yourself, you don't need cards or anything else. Accessing your natural psychic ability is easy - you just have to use it. With practice, it will grow stronger so if you feel drawn to give people readings - with or without cards - you should definitely do it. You won't know if it is for you unless you try. You could offer readings on this forum. Just follow your intuition, your gut feelings.

  • Thank you! 😃

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