I would appreciate if someone has time to do a love reading fir me.

  • Hi,

    Its been a few years since Ive posted here but I see a few familiar friendly faces still about. Im looking for a love reading because Ive been going through a rocky patch in my relationship. Just wondering if things are going to get better soon... my dob June 5th 1984 his is June 28 1983.

    Thanks in advance

  • As your partner is a very sensitive and emotional person and you are more mentally oriented, you may often not understand why he feels the way he does. His moods can change frequently, and this will bother you. You are a more intellectual and thoughtful person than he is, living in your head rather than your heart. You need to know the whys and wherefores. Your partner won’t understand why you don’t feel what he deeply feels. There is an obvious chasm between your nature and his nature, and the two of you will have to cross it before you can get anywhere in a relationship. But it may just be a matter of accepting that you are both very different. You are rational where he can be moody and temperamental. This could play out with each of you taking on the tasks you have the talent for. This will bring out the best in each personality - your partner can do well on the feeling tasks, and you will do well on the reasoning ones. If you do this, the relationship will stand a chance of going forward and enduring, maybe not in a love affair however but definitely for friendship or a business partnership. Physically you may find it difficult to train your mind into a less rational way of relating to your partner. He wants you to feel, and to connect with his feeling, but this may be too hard for you - contrary to him, you love to think and talk about your activities in the bedroom. If your partner doesn’t reciprocate, you may fall into the trap of thinking he is denying your intellectual worthiness. This would be a mistake. It’s just those different styles and different needs raising their heads again. Remember, there are also non-verbal means of communicating. Your partner may just be the one to teach you a new level of understanding. Though not a perfect match, you can learn much from each other. He is definitely linked to you financially, but will not offer you the sort of emotional and mental fulfillment you yearn for. A business arrangement with him may be the start of bigger and better things if you are patient enough to give this type of relationship a chance of maturing.

  • Thanks captain! You've described both of us very accurately! I am definitely the more rational one and sometimes can't understand things he does, or how he acts because it doesn't make sense to me! I definitely find his moods difficult. And I most definitely always need to know the why's etc I am a talker and he communicates by doing or showing. We have been together since we were teenagers and the differences in our natures seem to be increasing over time. Maybe I do need to learn a new way of understanding him. A lot of food for thought in your reading! Thank you!

  • Perhaps you can both learn each other's method of communication.

  • We're doing our best! And like everyone we have good days and bad days. Hopefully from now on there'll be more good than bad!

  • You must both try to stop drifting and dreaming together and try to be more grounded and realistic. Just because there is a magnetic physical attraction between you doesn't mean it will be enough. You must fight the tendency to focus too much on the future of your relationship and instead stay in the present moment where the problems are, facing them and dealing with them. They won't clear up on their own. Don't worry about being upfront with your partner - he hates indrect communication and will appreciate straight-forward honesty. Don't let jealousy rear its ugly head, either. Sharing your strengths is an important dynamic in this relationship.

  • We definitely dream and drift alot. In the past few years especially the future has been the focus as circumstances haven't been easy, not necessarily our relationship but other areas of our lives. I find it interesting that you say he will appreciate straight forward honesty when it is his dishonesty that has caused a lot of the problems.

  • So you can be a good example for him. Maybe he hasn't had much honesty shown to him by others and learned to be deceitful himself

  • Maybe so! Thanks for your time and insight captain. It is very much appreciated! 🙂

  • You're very welcome!

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