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  • Hello to all! Sending out love and light to all! I had a reading last night that was completely unexpected. I seek out readings during times that I get so emotional that I can't see things clearly. However, this time, the reading was mostly about my psychic energy. I have had various readers comment on my energy, and I know that I am empathic and have a magnitude of spiritual energy that I sometimes don't know what to do with. Many times I just know things about people. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes not. I believe my extreme emotionality comes from this energy and not being able to differentiate between my own and someone else's emotions. This time this reader was insistent that I should start doing readings right away. To just jump in and let my abilities develop as I read. Although I am very inspired and intrigued about that... it also scares me... although I am not sure why. Perhaps I am afraid to be wrong and lead someone astray. This reader insisted that my psychic energy is abundant now and that if I don't do anything about it in the next 2 weeks, that I never will. I definitely can feel the energy around me now. He said that I am able to connect to people easily, and especially to spirits that have passed on. He also said that sometimes I am consumed by these spirits and that I "walk around" in their spiritual bodies... if that makes sense. All of these things make so much sense in accordance with how emotional I am and how the kinetic energy effects my life.

    I would appreciate anyone's feedback. I thought about offering readings here, but I am not sure if I am really ready to. I don't want to charge for this, I just want to learn to do it so that I can help people like other readers have helped me in the past. Also, the reader said that I should ask for people to say positive things to me and about me to help keep my energy positive. So, if anything has anyone to offer...

    Thank you all for your attention here. I am sending out love and positive energy to all, and I invite love and light into my life.


  • Practice is the only way to gain confidence and to understand your abilities. We all were beginners once. You will mistakes - everyone does - but that is how you learn to hear your intuition and to refine your technique. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. By seeing what doesn't work, it leads you to what does work for you. This is a good place to practise since people will understand that you are only starting out. But doing it is the best way to learn how to use your psychic ability.

  • Thank you for your response Captain! Do you have any suggestions for how to offer readings on here?


  • Do you know how you are going to read for someone eg. using cards or birth dates, photos or just gut feelings or whatever?

  • I was mostly going to use the gut feelings and visualizations that I get when talking to people. I have also been working with a deck of Angel tarot cards and Shaman Oracle cards, but I have only used the cards for personal guidance.

  • Just start a thread in the Psychic section here telling people you want to practise reading for them. It helps if they have a specific question to ask you.

  • Thank you captain! I always appreciate your responses.

    love and blessings!

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