Feeling very low energy and tired

  • I have been having a couple of days where my knees hurt and barely can go up the stairs. I am trying to understand why is this, because I am used to being very fast and energetic person. I ride a bike every day, and today I couldn't. There can be few different things that I can come up with. First, this is a repeated situation from the past. I used to have a bit of knee disturbance like this, a couple of years ago. But this one is much more stronger, and I am guessing would be an hormonal/age related thing. I am at my early forties and this could be a reason.

    Another thing is that I just moved in here and my knew apartment is on the fifth floor, with no elevator. The truth is I have been working hard with moving and still barely walking up fifth floors. But I am very in shape and a strong person and can't be comfortable with the idea that this is the problem.

    the third thing is that my Mom was feeling pretty tired and lots of head aches too this past exact days and I was thinking probably is something bigger, planetarium thing might be going on. Just wanted to share and if you have any input on this I would be very thankful too hear it !! Love B

  • It is universal!!! AND you are dehydrated. Drink lots of water for at least three days. Vitamin c is needed.as well. You may not feel thirsty but do it anyway. Feeling like lead is a sign of dehydration. If the knee pain persists get some bromelain......it is a supplement made from pineapples. It aides many things including muscle strain.....muscles overused get lactic acid buildup. The water will help flush and vitamin c will repair. Vitamin E is helpful as well as magnesium. Climbing stairs uses different muscle groups than other activities. Rest and repair until you build strength. Pick an antinflammatory........either ibuprofen or aleve. If you do not like these the health food store carrys natural forms like the bromelain, Ginger, Tumaric etc. Ask them. If you do not like supplements drink smoothies made with strawberries, bananas or the pineapple mango. Very antinflamMatory. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank You Blmoon !! I will do all you that you say and keep it in mind for the future too as it seems to be smth that is mine. Love B

  • ps....you cracked me up, thinking of feeling aged--- so young!!! I am 61 and you are in your peak. I was very athletic at your age I ran, lifted weights, biked and aerobic danced.....and still added floor exercise before bed. The more fit you are the more you have to do to get your heart rate up. And you have to do many different activities to get all muscles equally or you can leave some weak to injury. Someone could be an avid runner yet hurt themselves playing tennis because many little muscles around the feet and ankles are used for pivoting and moving in all directions. Stairs are actually used to test your fitness in physical education class. Stairs and lunges are the biggest work out. That's why people avoid them. Boy are you going to be fit! Be aware you are doing a knew work out and it is a critical time of balancing muscle building and repair or you may get an injury. Muscles build by being pushed to little tears that signal the body to build more muscle quick. During this process lactic acid is produced and this is the chemical that inflames and causes a tight pain. That's why stretching is good, or massage or a light walk and extra water to flush the acid out. A tub full of epsom salts is Heavenly. Walking up stairs is very aerobic.The strength of your legs relates to the health of your heart. It is the best exercise for the healthy heart but not a bad heart. That's why TRULY old people use elevators only. You will be wonder woman soon.....with very tight buns ; ) BLESSINGS!

  • hahaha .. you made me laugh loud. You are such a good doctor too !! 🙂

    I meant to say the age when we are on the edge of menstruacion. you know the hormonal imbalances at this time. But no way I mean I am old !! haha

    And, that's what I thought about the stairs, too !! I feel good about them. The variety in exercising you are saying makes so much sense indeed. But its funny, since I divorced, I don't go to gym any more. I used to go to the gym, because I wasn't happy with my ex in home. Now I am by myself and can do any thing I like, without being distructed. I fill my time with lots of things I love to do, and find no time to go to the gym because of this.

    I do bike a lot though. all year around I bike. every day. I should start running again and stretch more. But there is so much in the day to do and I am not finding time any more. I was thinking today, in the spiritual terms, I got this knee problem as a sign for me to slow down a bit. Because really I feel I have too much to do. Its really hard to live in Manhattan, as a single mother. But I am enjoying it any way. Better than a bad marriage for sure.

    I love tubs with sea salt a lot. I haven't had one yet in this home. By the way, my new place feels better and better every day. I invested lots of beauty in here and it feels great. Today I paired the front door red 🙂 The only problem I think it will never resolve is the view out of the windows. Its nothing good to see out there. I have a strong attachment to the windows. They have been all my life a source of love and suffering too. I was thinking that probably i was meant to be in this place now, so I can heal from the past and search for love inside me instead of the outside world. hahaha trying to find any kind of reason to feel good about any thing that happens in my life. Thats the best approach I believe. Love B

    • Today I painted it the front door red

  • I always paint my door red! And you are right about life sitting you down .....I have always hated down time and it is not natural to not have cycles of growth and rest. So , I get the slow down whack myself at times! The moon waxes and wanes, the seasons change......the day changes Flowers bloom and shrivel and bloom.again. There is a time for action,,,,a time for retreat. I used to go to dance six days a week to escape my testosterone filled house of four sons and a manly man! It was a way to soak up the strong woman energy! BLESSINGS!

  • Ohh boy, five man in the house ... I couldn't handle two 🙂

    Me too I paint the front door red always. It gives me a good vibe. Love B

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