Libra girl in love with a taurus. advice plz

  • This taurus guy is strange. In the past we hated each other. I fell in love with him. dunno how.. He stil hates me. He stares at me as if i was his target. Is this his way of stressing his hatred for me? or does he want my attention? Do taurus guys text back to things lik happy new year? wud dey if dey care at all? He has a reputation for been cruel and heartless but yet deeply loves his family..He waves one day to me and not the next? Is this typical of taurus guys?

  • Libra females are amongst the most delicate and sensitive in the world.

    Known for many things, putting up with bull aint one of em.

  • Weird, I know exactly how you feel! My taurus ex boyfriend from when I was teenager use to do the same thing, still does,like 15 years later. I can never figure it out, its almost like he has a take it or leave attitude one min, then very pist off, and hates you, then your awsome for like ten minutes again. What the hell? I'm a cancer an way senitive to it too. We have some strange karma going on though, can't seem too not run into each other, even thousands of miles away.

  • In relation to the above comment ya i know.Thats exactly it . Its just taurus guys are so hard to follow like as of late i text him asking him about whether some event was going ahead on such a day that he wud have been involved it. I stressed how i would be going out of my way for it and i needed to clarify if it was going ahead. He replied. At a later stage i asked about a similiar event going ahead as whether was desperate and No reply. On turning up to the event he luked so pissed off. His bad mood i wondered was it because of my text..But i get where your coming from it seems that at times no matter where we are we have a connection. Id be in one place only to hear he turned up der da same day. Of all people. Other times we just end up in view of each other. Though I often wonder he probably doesnt see it that way and tinks I just knew he was going to be there!!

    Another shocking thing was were apart at da moment due to our life agendas but yet it turned out that a new post i was assigned along with one other who i never met before tells me he is his friend. So now i listen to stories of how such a gud friend he s..So i just dont know anymore..

    Any taurus guys want to come into this convo plz do..Advice sought..

  • Hello MissLibra,

    Well, I have had 2 taurian husbands. One minute you are their hero and the next they are bchg about something! Anything. And yes they can be very cruel and heartless but just as with any one of us, we all have bad sides to our behaviors and personalities. Taurians are constantly trying to hook up with me and I'm done with every one of them. I draw them like a freakin magnet. No Kidding! 3 in the last 6 weeks have tried to date me. They are way too needy one moment then out of the blue they dont have time for you. Go to and look under the fun and games drop down. click the karma sutra compatability block. I have found that aries and libras are great together. I'm searching for an aries man as we speak.LOL

    But, for you, if you're really hung up on him, good luck. Great guys in the beginning, after a couple of years your excitement will wear off as well as he will wear on your nerves. Funny little creatures they are!!LOL

  • weird enough, my brother is the same way. He is a Taurus. I think you should just talk to him seriously and maybe away from everyone else(not out of their sight but so they can't hear) and ask him what's going on. I also feel with my brother that if you don't understand him than you will get nowhere. So try be understanding with him.

  • Hi,

    I don't know if this will help but I'm a taurus female who dated a libra for about a year. It was great in the beginning but after about 9 months, I started feeling smothered by him. He was very possessive and jealous and for me, I need to breathe in a relationship. When we decide that it's over or in my case decided to be upfront and said to him, " I just don't have time for a relationship", which I really don't at this point. He was hurt but said he understood. He has gone out and dated and I have not an ounce of jealousy (and that's rare for a taurus female). Actually, I'm not jealous at all and I think it's because I think he's a great guy yet not my great guy. He says he wants to still be connected but I find that, for me, I love his company as a friend and we have gone out for dinner and had a great time but tends to become more clingy, i.e. text's me, calls me and then gets this attitude if I don't call back. So, getting back to you (lol). Maybe the guy has alot going on but If we care, we will let you know and we will show it. This guy sounds like a jerk and you seem like a nice girl who deserves to be treated with respect. Just ignore the guy and rise above his pettiness, this guy needs to grow up

    Good Luck!

  • Your apart at the moment? that probably makes it even harder to figure it out I'm assuming, I too had moved temporarly and the distance seemed to make them sort of forget we were together at the time, I never confronted it, or asked them what the deal was with that, I think being direct, not mean , but very direct with him would be your best bet, so your not still wondering what the hell? on down the road. I'm hoping for you that it all works out for your happiness either way.

  • The way my Taurus guy is going (or should I say not going at the moment!), I'm tempted to like the wind and don't look back!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!! Oh boy, these Taurus men, they are soooo confusing, and that's coming from a Taurus!

  • Okay i know like its over a year on and im still clueless as ever...Iv just analysed it all down to this so hope ye can help me with this part of things...Taurus guys can be cruel...My brother is also a taurus and he is very stubborn and speaks his mind.He syas things that are most hurtful and not a care in the world about it after..I find it very hard to get along with him..So i often wonder if there all the same might not get on with this guy in question..However, I have texted him a few times just asked a question about something he was involved with and he did respond...As of late i text him asking him how everything was and i got no reply...At that point i just thought o hes not interested or else he has a girlfriend...Then I thought well if they are so heartless he could have text me saying stop texting me go away iv no interest in having conversations with you and that be da end of it....or else in a nice kind of away he could have went everything is grand im heading back to college but im meeting up with my girlfriend first b4 hand and some friends...or something like that but instead i get nothing so i dont know where i stand or what to think....So am what would taurus guys do is it their nature not to reply leave you hanging or is he hopeful of something developing between us and is letting it hang there for awhile?????

  • OMG RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tauruses are OUT of their minds. Hot and Cold???? Thats an understatement of the year!!! All i know is that the patient meter is kinda short for us sag's, and i truly thought my bull was the one!! I was really working on my patience issues, and doing a pretty good job in having some, but he has exhausted and drained me and my patience level is NON EXISTENT now. Quite honestly i am way too good for him. He complained about everything, yet he thought he was the cream of the crop... Yeah OK. Beat it Mr. Taurus... we all have issues, but COME ON. Cannot always be about you!! I AM DONE.... and i am talking 5 years of being drained. 5 years worth of unnecessary drama and nonsense. He thinks he could do better than me???? go ahead and try... BTW he is pushing 50!!!! It doesnt matter what age they are... RUN.. Thanks for letting me vent, all. Feel much much better....

    ANd in answer to the first post,,, He text me for christmas, and it is now 2010 and still have not heard from him. No they dont text for New Years... They are too miserable!!

  • and for the record, i have a Libra moon....

  • I agree with SagGirl! RUN.......!!!!!!!!! Taurus men can be very self involved, not something a Libra usually is too happy with. They can make very good friends, but as far as a relationship goes, you might be happy at first because they are so different from us, but eventually their "detachment" will wear on you!

  • i lived with a taurus man for ten years, he was very conrolling, stubborn and always thought his way was the best way, on the other hand he was generous, understanding gentle and very loving and comforting, and a peacemaker, i am a capricorn so dont know if this helps, but taurus and caps are supposed to get along, thats what ive read., he also was a fre spirit did not want to be tied down by marrage, i had 3 children to this man, now he is back with his ex girlfreind and she is a scorpio, they have been together for around 16 years, and have a 17 year old, they wethered the storm and seem to have stuck together

  • Ok ladies seem like u got a full blown taurus like myself....even though i dont understand myself i can tell u how i am and u relate it to ur lifes....Taurus is VERY VERY LOYAL,,,,mood swings with MONEY kinda like dispolar disorder lol.....We are the best at LOVE AND HATE MIX em together u can have a bomb....We specialize in hate love...EXS love our revenge sex lol....A bad break up not recommened with us we cauz HELL so dont cheat on us make sure u leave first lol.....Very stubborn once set but very open minded.....Tend to be very quiet at times...USUALLY A BAD THANG.....We are so loyal we need motivation from a nature girl one who gets us going a tru loveing taurus will always do what his girl wants unless there is a stupied or far fetched reason but somtimes we can predict the future cuz we play thangs out...we like doing things just not when it includes money..we like to show every dollar..And yes i have always ran into one my exes from past...very much hate love...Some reason i have always thought it ment to be....We cold hearted but have a very big heart....I would like to see all my exes suceed even the one i almost killed and the one I hate...NO LIE....but we will always care.....We grudge and dont let the past go... I actually hate that about me but i cant stop it...Anyway if u care light the candels a girl can win his heart very easily candels are good peace of mind especially in dark after work leading to the bedroom WINK WINK lol We very smart but play dumb.....we know when ur messing around so just stop we dont like to know the truth we let our heart lead but when shit hit fan dont say i didnt warn u ....hope this helped FULL blown Taurus watch our for the 13th through 17th ones i beleave where the worst so i read in one book i think..

  • about the distachment not sure he was ever attached.....I dont talk about myself like im the shit though but i do try to express it in other ways i guess......Like one girl said her ex went back to his first or whatever that doesnt suprize me sounds like what I fell im kinda going threw i mean i have the option dont know if i can fix our storm though lol But as far as self centered im not buying that unless guy was a loner with alot of money that got to his head i could see that from a stubborn taurus level point of view.....We tend to be on far fetched unimagineable missions somthing not even ourselves can comprehend...Like proving someone wrong or how we can throw a brick threw this persons window and best way to get out unknown lol U never know what is on our minds hell we dont know....thats why we need a girl who needs attention and knows how to get it....A taurus lost in his own world needs to be awoken dont let em self meditate to much although we thrive on it is usually not good for us when we do it alot....that when we start our plotting lol

  • Hey dolla:

    Thanks for trying to put things in perspective. Everything you wrote is true about your sign. I agree with just about all of it especially the part about resisting change and moving on. Thats what my taurus is dealing with right now. He cant get passed his divorce. He is stuck and i need to leave him be for the time being and hopefully, hopefully he will come around. It gets me nuts because he runs and shuts me out. I have gotten him out of his ruts time and time again. When things were good they were great but when they were bad.. UGH....There seems to be some stupid pattern he keeps falling into. I sure hope he knows what he is doing with this type of behavior. At this point in my life i dont want to deal with "highschool" games and I want a mature relationship with him. I truly hope he does the right thing before i really get fed up and start looking around for a more mature companion. Life is way too short and i plan on living it whether he smartens up or not. ITs a shame he cannot see past his nose.

  • I am a libra, in fact, I have many planets in libra in the 7th house. And I have been married to a Taurus, who was my best friend for many years and also dated Taurus.

    If this guy has not made a move towards you, then he is not into you, whether he is a Taurus or not.

    Ignore the "clues" and go by action. If he is not calling you, not showing up , then he is not into you. You could perhaps get him to sleep with you sometime, but even if you did that, the relationship would ALWAYS be you trying to get him to put something in the relationship, and its NOT gonna happen, It will make you feel insecure. He will dump you when he sees the right one. You are temporary, just filling up space, if you are the one doing the moves, doing the analyzing.

    There is no analyzing if he is into you, with a Taurus, if he wants you, he is there. And it is him doing the moves, not you. If its you doing it, forget it.

    He will knock over any obstacle, he will be there, by your side, loyal. As you see, when they commit, they commit, as the one woman said, he is not over his family yet, he needs time.

    If he wants to be with you, there will be none of this game thing going on, he will be there no matter what. You will know, in fact, everybody will know, he is so obvious! Like if his friends want to do something, he will say no, he wants to be with you.

    You come first. You will not wonder, nobody will wonder.

    They do not tell people they are not into them, they think you should figure it out for yourself by their actions. And if they are with you, and you start questioning, do you love me? They will say, I am here, arn't I? If I didn't want to be with you, I would not be here. They are very straight-forward that way. If he is not there, its because he doesn't want to be.

    That is my experience with Taurus.

  • I think it also depends on the rising and moon signs too. It tells the other half of the story. My sun is in Taurus but I hardly live by my sun sign. Stubborness and jealousy are not a part of me thank God haha. I'm really sensitive towards others and care much about being a good friend. I have Cancer moon and Libra rising and those two signs are my main personality. The 3 combined have helped me be well rounded. My advice is to look deeper beyond the astrology to know a person's true feelings. Taureans are hard to open up with there feelings but once they do they are the most loyal and loving I heard. I've never dated anyone cuz I was afraid before, but the newly discovered Libra side of me has changed my heart. It's been very lonely without the good friends I was blessed to have. I hope you find the man of your dreams Miss Libra.

  • SansSouci, what you said below

    "if this guy has not made a move towards you, then he is not into you, whether he is a Taurus or not. Ignore the "clues" and go by action. If he is not calling you, not showing up , then he is not into you"

    that makes sense, you must have the "guys are a dime a dozen attitude" it seems like. and if you do thats not the right attitude to have, just because a guy doesnt text or call, and seems to dissapear doesnt mean he's not into you, he could just be scared or too busy(depending on what kind of guy he is of course) and it doesnt just work for guys not calling or showing up, it goes the other way around also, which is like the situation i am in right now, i had to realize that im doing so many things, saying so many things and i wasnt getting anything in return from her, she wouldnt even talk about her feelings or anything at all which i would think would be very easy for a Libra, but not in this case, but unlike most guys i do understand why she is this way, cause i was the same way for a very long time, when you grow up majorly! depressed and suicidal, it messes you up alot and its hard to let anyone "in" she did have one Relationship before and she lowered her walls and got hurt, so now i have had to be very, very patient and help her lower those walls, which i think i have made real progress but i can only take so much, she doesnt show interest in texting me first , i always have to first, but not anymore, if she cares for me like i think she does she will come around sooner or later, but if she cant deal with her issues, like i have then she just go on and be alone and be a prude(which i think she kinda is already), but ok im rambled on again lol

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