Can anyone translate this relationship reading for me?

  • I did a relationship reading using the Rider Waite deck and want to know what u all get. I won't give all details of the situation, but we are not currently together and never have been a. "Couple".

    My thoughts for him: emperor

    My feelings for him: knight of cups

    How he sees me: Lovers

    His thoughts for me: six of cups

    His feelings for me: the hermit. ( clarifier: knight of wands )

    How I see him: Ace of wands

    The current relationship status: six of swords.

    Thank you!

  • It feels like you have romanticized him a bit too much. There was s*xual tension between the two of you. You still have the energy of wanting to move forward with it, but he has placed you in the past - a nostalgic feeling. He made a choice to remain true to his commitment elsewhere and so has kept you isolated out of his life.

  • hello doeyedpisces

    I will try and share -

    My thoughts for him: emperor - viewpoint - so you are sizin' him up lately - How do I see him? what does he mean to me? is he right for me? you are adjusting or concerned with your view of him in your thinking - 5's (emperor) tend to ask questions and ponder things more

    My feelings for him: knight of cups - i tend to see knights as "moving two's" so they are showing movement here in couple pair patterns of emotion-play-fun themes - so your feelings are rarin' to go emotionally with him it seems

    How he sees me: Lovers

    lovers is dreamy love themes and romance and also can be a little weird (ie a concoction of personal wish fulfillment and outer life love experiences) - so this would be something to explore more (like - are his views on love matching yours?) I think this is pretty mature though as his thoughts of you are in social-relate emotional ways so I think his version of "love" is pretty innocent and carefree?

    His thoughts for me: six of cups

    sixes I tend to see as social themes so he is thinking "social" emotion-play settings with you like go do something together with others or in groups settings that are fun - like "go to a park go for a walk go out for dinner" types of fun share moments

    His feelings for me: the hermit. ( clarifier: knight of wands )

    Hermit is "away" and transitional themes so his feelings are transitioning (and then you clarified that with) knight of wands which is once again that couple-couple emphasis in play-fun themes - this is in alpha - path role so his feelings are transitioning toward couple+path together themes - so a little more serious perhaps lately about the two of you as a path together - that is his feeling inside he is feeling transitioning toward couple path with you

    How I see him: Ace of wands

    Begin-begin primary child card of the Wands so you see him as primarily a path sort of person very goal focused perhaps

    The current relationship status: six of swords.

    Social themes in gamma communication areas - so the relationships is mainly filling out a social communication pattern right now like you talk to each other however it is in the context of a social setting groups that sort of thing - or the relationship is mostly in communication about social connections so you could both be spending some time talking about your individual social concerns work families extended relationships - maybe that is important for you to talk about now?

  • Thank you both so much. Water girl you are pretty much on the money. I was just wondering with the lovers card if there was any kind of reconciliation. My gut tells me no.

  • I saw the lovers card more as he sees it as a physical temptation. Been there myself so my heart goes out to you.

  • Sorry you have been here as well 😞

  • Thank you. Although I feel that at least I am on the "other side" of it now (finally). All I can say to you is that you need to choose on a daily basis to uplift yourself. Do the things that boost your personal power rather than chip away at it. The truth is when you continue to think about him, wonder what he is feeling for you or if he is happy with her, etc. you are depleting yourself. Because in truth this keeps you in the energy of being 2nd best or not good enough. He chose to be with her instead of you. I believe he has affirmed this choice to you on several occasions. Every day that he is with her is another day that he chooses her over you. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but what helped me most is to finally embrace the "practical" side of things. To accept the truth rather than try to spin things in my favor with spiritual ideals of soul mates, twin flames,destiny, etc.

    I'll be honest, I still think of him from time to time, but I no longer think of the two of us as "meant" to be together, that outside circumstances have kept us apart and "someday" we would be together. I now accept that if he truly wanted to be with me, then he would be. And, the harder truth, that if he had felt for me what I felt for him, then he would have wanted to be with me. So the fact that he is not just reinforces that there was an element of illusion - things were not as I saw them. His presence in my life was to teach me a very hard-earned life lesson. So think about what this relationship of yours is trying to teach you.

    Consider the 2 of Cups in the Tarot. Most people see this card and just think "love", "soul mates", etc. But look a little closer and you see two people that are meeting each other half way. They are both reaching out to each other. One is not chasing after the other or on their knees begging in front of the other. There is reciprocation. There is balance. The element of "3" in relationship is not balanced.

    Respect yourself enough to not long for someone who does not meet you halfway and return your feelings in kind. Surrender to the choice he has made and let him go so you can move on.

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  • let's try again...card for you...

  • Wise advice and every time that I think I have, I find something always pulls me back. A dream. Etc. my head knows you are right, 17 years is too long to long for someone.

  • Thank you for the letting go card. It is beautiful. I was wondering, was your paramour a cancerian as well? You know us pisceans and those crabs!? 😉

  • Sometimes people pop up in our dreams just as a symbol. And sometimes it is a message from Spirit that something is still unresolved.

    Pay attention to what is going on for you when you find yourself longing for him. This is the key to what he represents to you. For instance, are you going through a tough time financially and longing for security? Or, are you just feeling bored and restless and longing for some excitement in life? Have you just had a bad day and are looking for some comfort? Could you be in a long-term relationship where the passion has died?

    I am Aquarius and he is Capricorn. These big relationships that represent soul path lessons are not easily defined by Sun signs!

  • I am sorry, on my phone your avatar is tiny. Of course you are an Aquarian. I haven't been too bad when it comes to him lately. I have let go for the most part. It has been 4 years since he stopped talking to me. I saw him at a charity event that I was on the committee for last year. It is next week but I have not participated this year and am not going because I can't handle seeing him. He pretends he doesn't know me when he sees me and I was depressed for the whole summer last year. I am not doing that again. I have been meditating and doing lots so I have no idea why I had such a vivid dream. It was so real and it was he asking me if I still loved him. And to prove it. In my dream I said I have, that I have done everything and that he always called the shots and the ball was always in his court. In the dream he kept testing me. All while being a few inches from me at all times. I woke up feeling like it had happened. That why I did a physical reading. I haven't had one since summer of 2013.

    He still has me blocked on Facebook. We have mutual fb friends and whenever someone mentions

    Him in a post, his name is not clickable so he is still not wanting to know me. So nothing has changed.

  • I wanted to share a meditation that I do. It was a series offered through work via video podcast given by Vanessa Stone. After doing (ironically enough) a letting go meditation. There is this visual of a mountain with clouds passing. I represent the mountain and the clouds passing by are my thoughts. I am not my thoughts. I can observe them as they pass by. Not judge them and watch them pass. That's how I have been dealing with thoughts of him, love or longing. I observe and watch them pass. Only after that dream did I start wondering again. Such is the power of dreams sometimes. ❤

  • That word starred out is v i s u a l

  • Hi Doeyeyed,

    sorry I have been out on business travel this past week. I think that meditation is good, however I think the real key for you is not just the thoughts but the emotional/energetic attachment. Focus on clearing out your heart chakra and building a strong base chakra as well.

    I believe your dream of him was a way for your soul to bring up the issue for you as although you have mentally accepted that he is not a part of your life there is still that emotional attachment that you have buried a bit and do not want to let go of. It's part of the process. Now is the perfect time as we are in Mercury Retrograde which aids in resolving past relationship issues. This is an internal process I might add - too many people think it's external and reach out to those people of the past. This will only help if the "truth" has not been accepted yet and they require another round of rejection to get it.

    As you said, 17 years is too long to long for someone. And in that 17 years you have put him up on a pedestal and made him into a fantasy that real life would most likely not live up to. After 17 years it is not so much about him as what he represents to you. What are your triggers for thinking of him? When I returned from my trip last night I was exhausted to say the least and that is one of my triggers. I had a long week of getting up early for 7am functions, meeting all day, then going to evening functions and not getting back to my room until almost midnight. Then rinse and repeat the next day! Yesterday was the same thing and when my meetings ended at 5:30pm I went straight to the airport to come home. As a singleton I drive myself to the airport and park in the economy parking. So when I finally landed last night at 11pm, I had to walk a half mile through the airport, then a half mile outside (with my luggage) to get to my car and get home. I thought of him and started to miss him before I realized it. But I had to remind myself that I was just tired and wishing I had someone to pick me up so I would feel loved (and also so I didn't have to schlep my luggage out to my car that late at night!).

    Why don't you donate your time to a different charity? This will give you a different outlet that does not involve him and you will possibly meet NEW friends and even a new romantic interest.

    Take care,


  • Thanks Watergirl. I think I know the meaning of my dream. He was talking about me to one of our mutual friends on FB, because they deleted me. This is someone who I would interact with a few times a week. (for about a year and half now) They are very good friends from youth. Anyway. Mike must have said something about me to him and the other guy deleted me. I think the whispering in my dream was whispering in real life. I ended up sending mike an email about it today. No response.

    The reason I did, is because we are all in the same industry. The company this other man works for had approached me about a position, I was asking the mutual friend in a message about the information of this company and noticed he had deleted me. He just commented on something of mine on Monday, so this is recent. I send him a message and he didn't reply to it. I never ever talk about mike to this other person. We are both married so no one knows we had a type of emotional affair. I want to just be normal and not have anyone talking about me behind my back. sigh. Since I don't know what he said to him about me, I am nervous about interviewing there. I haven't done any other real readings but all kinds of online readings. I don't really believe in the merit of online readings because I know computers and it is just algorithms.

    So unlike you, who when you are sad or tired go to the happy place of that person, I don't have a happy place anymore. I feel like getting close to him was like trying to get close to a porcupine and I have been impaled in the process. Now I just want my sense of self back. I feel like he has been spiteful and even more cruel.

    Well, thanks for letting me vent.

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