Insight on two people

  • Looking for any info on these two people - does not have to be romantic at all. I mean if it is, that's great but it can be anything. Thanks

    dob 3/18/65 and 8/25/86

  • This relationship makes a great friendship, but it is not very successful for love. Both of these people share a need to feel unique or special or to be doing something unusual or thrilling. Whether for good or bad, this relationship will be unlike any other the two people may have previously experienced. Each of them has developed along different lines - whereas the Leo-Virgo is usually caught up with personal issues, the Piscean is more geared towards universal, philosophical, social or even romantic concerns. As a consequence, this relationship can often be out of synch, featuring broad splits and differences of opinion. It isn't always possible for it to become a long-lasting tie. Stability will be difficult to achieve in a love affair. The Leo-Virgo can be irritated by the Piscean's dreamier aspects, while the Pisces person may grow tired of Leo-Virgo's inability to learn from experience. Marriage here can be highly nurturing for a while, but the Piscean may not find the support and permanence they require from the Leo-Virgo. There would be a lot of travel and moving around involved if they became a couple, and establishing a home in one place would be impossible. Friendship here can be more relatively long-lived than a love affair but will not necessarily involve the pair seeing each other more often. The relationship's penchant for originality can lead to some unusual meetings, associations or hobbies in which this pair can find deep fulfillment. The more sensitive and inward side of each person can be activated here and they may come to rely on each other's help in mutual introspection. This relationship combines practicality and idealism in a strange blend and dealing creatively with everyday matters is its speciality. Most often this particular combination proves to be outstanding as a friendship/working collaboration rather than a love affair.

  • Awesome! How does one get the ball rolling? I agree on the working collaboration but the other party seems to keep dropping the ball. (see, I am not being dreamy here, I am being businesslike 😉 )

  • I am feeling this guy's heart is not really fixed on business concerns at the moment. Or if he is, it is not the business that is on the table. You need to have an honest talk about what he really wants to dow tiht his life. Engaging him through his real interests is the way to go with the business.

  • with his life.

  • I'm not even sure that is possible at this point. We are on an online forum together - he accepted my membership - and will not answer a specific (and simple) question from me to him. This has happened a few times, and this time I made sure it could be answered in one word so he wouldn't feel I was trying to engage him in a full conversation. And this was as you said - engaging him through his real interests.

    Why is this? I will be seeing him at a place of work we were both at soon and am concerned how he will act with me at that time.

  • This guy has some trust issues and is very wary of being pinned down or committing to anything or anyone he is not fully sure of. He prefers to get to know people face-to-face.

  • Thanks Captain! We worked together for over 3 years but not actively day to day (different departments). I am no longer there - not by choice - so that means of contact has now gone, all I have left is email or text.

    I have a temp job opportunity that he may be interested but considering he has not responded to my last couple of pings I am not really sure what to do. I may have an opportunity to see him in a week but at that point the position may be filled.

    Any suggestions on that?

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