An owl following me. Capton or anyone.

  • Hello Sweetoty here.

    I hear an owl at home and at my place of work for a while now. I have also coincidently received an extra wall decal of an owl when I ordered my daughters name as a wall decal. I've been at the store and I come across items shaped as an owl. I feel like I'm directed to see those items.

    What's this about? Isn't it a bad omen?

  • Owls remind us to use our inner wisdom in all things.

  • Thanks Captain. I was afraid it was a bad omen or something. An owl fallows my mom, for several years now, and I was once told that a curse or something in that nature has been placed on her by an older man. Maybe that's why she's not happy at all....

    I hope I find you doing great Captain. I always appreciate you

  • People are responsible for their own happiness. It's too easy to blame so-called curses or bad luck instead of simply getting a positive attitude to life.

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