Will he talk soon?

  • My 18 Month Old Son Isn't Saying Too Much..Not Consistently Yet. I Know Kids Are All Different.Just Wondering If Anyone Knows If He Will Tslk Soon Or Will It Be A While. Could It Be Somethinv I Am Or Am Not Doing? Thanks For Any Advice. HiS Bday Is 11-24-2012.

  • Do not compare this child with any other or with what he is 'supposed' to be like, because your son will be a highly unusual, creative, sensitive, intelligent, and courageous individual. He will never fit into the usual mold because his destiny is to break it. He will develop great communication and people skills if you help him build a strong sense of self-worth. He will always surprise you and must be allowed to do things his own way (within reason). Expect the unexpected from him. When life becomes too routine or dull for him, he may grow restless, fatigued or moody. Yet his purpose is to find excitement and interest in day-to-day life and the small things. In later life, he may be drawn to the caring professions, counseling, psychiatry, social reform, teaching, writing, philosophy, research, or music and the world of entertainment, as well as the study of metaphysics and spirituality. He is here to help other people unravel the mysteries of their own lives

  • Get him tested for Autism. My son was the same way but I kept putting it off. He was diagnosed at 3. My waiting put off the help he needed.

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