Repeat 7swords with Lovers.

  • Hello, I am actually not brand new to this forum. I lost my passcode and email. I had to set up a new account.

    I have been working an advanced spreads. These are harder. I also do them with no set objective as they are to more of a predictive tarot. I have seen this combo before. I am also aware that this could be relative to something that I am not seeing visually, within my perception.

    I drew 8 Swords 7 swords Lovers

    I do not want to give any personal info as that can infract objectivity.

    I am open to one aiming to interpret.

    Keeping it simple 'stupid':

    Contradiction and fear revolving around an act that may infract my chances with someone or something. A choice that will have longer term consequences. .

  • It seems there is an argument or disagreement that has left you to question yourself...with that you feel like either you don’t have a lot of outs or you are only seeing the picture with what I call blinders on; this has you stalled...You know you have a choice to make; so take a step back look at the big picture, is it everything you want it to be? Why do you feel restricted or stuck? These are the questions you need to ask yourself… Think it thru and make a decision and trust your heart that you will put yourself in the best situation.

  • Thank you Tarot-Nick. Any outside the box advice in the form of questions is helpful. I also like to state a mantra before, such as divine messages within asking my question on Tarot .com for example.

    Can you specify the "not having a lot of out"? Thank you.

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