Seeking guidance, if anyone is willing...

  • If someone is willing to give me their time/energy, I would be grateful.

    For a while, now I haven't been quite satisfied with where I'm at in my life and recognize that I need to make a change. I was looking in going back to school, but that became complicated due to financial aid (I've already attained a degree, so I'm not really eligible for more grants, but the credits I have from that school aren't recognized nationally so they don't transfer). I'm not even really sure what I want to study, I have a few ideas but I have a bit of uncertainty about that decision (this is mostly due to my experience with the degree I have).

    I've been looking into teaching English overseas for quite some time now, at least a year. I'm looking at Southeast Asia, particularly South Korea or Japan (these seem to be the likeliest choices with my qualifications and the compensation). I've weighed a lot of the pros and cons and I've done a lot of research about it, and so I am fairly aware of both the high points and the hardships it might entail. But it's a big decision that will effect a lot of things in my life. Plus, I tend to be a more introverted personality, as far as the social aspect goes (I'm friendly with people, but I'm not one to go out much). This could either push me further out of my comfort zone, or I could wind up being incredibly miserable and lonely.

    I'm looking for some advice or guidance on this... I guess both on the teaching English overseas, and on kind of my general situation (I know I need to make a change in course, but I don't know the direction).

    Thanks. 🙂

  • You are insightful about yourself which is a good sign when making changes. You may not get a road map if your lesson is about releasing fear of mistakes. Spirit only gives enough to keep you on path and help you into awareness. They do give hope as well. Right now taking on education debt is a universal issue and crisis for many. A general degree means little as far as financial return...of course that is a generalization but a pretty solid one. Education without a degree goal is always a benefit....even if it teaches you what you do not know what you DON'T want. The challenge for you is fear of mistakes. THAT puts you in stagnation....waiting for something to come to your door. If you do not have family obligations you should just LEAP with the freedom of knowing you can ALWAYS change your mind and paths of learning are a journey, taking turns and new roads and looking ahead. For you specially REGRET is poison. If you catch yourself going over past decisions just stop yourself...even say it out loud...stop it! You an do that. Also, know that anything worth having in the future of the unknown will not happen if you over think it....there will be fear. Any satisfying collaboration or achievement I have in my past...I first was excited but next started imagining all that can go wrong....I learned from successful people that that is universal and you just DO IT! Fear will paralyze you and you will be safe but stagnate and craving more.Personal achievement takes bravery. Guidance does support you once you start moving, but do not dwell on mistakes. Spirit keeps stressing this so I get that you are hard on yourself. Also, give yourself more credit for small achievements....start this today. It helps change your perspective. Before sleep recognize something positive you did and feel good. Spirit says once your fear is tamed and you do not dwell on mistakes you will hear your intuition. Make a choice and LEAP and see were it takes you. BLESSINGS.

  • Why do you feel you need to make the change? What is it?

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