Someone I know from a past life? HELP! Brief reading please?

  • So, I would really really appreciate a brief reading concerning a question that is nagging me for almost a year now...

    Last year I have encountered a guy that I felt a very close connection too, although I am in a happy relationship. I saw him at a dinner a couple of weeks ago and again felt attracted to him for no possible reason. Moreover, I never even spoke to him, just exchanged glances. Could it be that we were really close in a past life? Also, last night for some irrational reason I dreamt of him and that we were having an affair, as I was still together with my partner (as the situation is today).. Really, really would like to now if there is some connection? My details are: 12 April 1991, his are 6 November 1991.

    Thanks so much in advance 🙂

  • This is a case of opposite energies attracting, like a magnet. This man's vibes are patient, long-suffering, and wary, whilst yours are rather impatient, impulsive, and in a hurry to move onto something new. So while it is attractive to meet someone so different to you, it also means you have very little in common and that a relationship would be full of problems, uncertainty, instability, and big differences in tempo, style and feeling. This guy wouldn't like your leadership style while you may find him inflexible and dictatorial, and his heavy and messy emotional scenes would turn you off. In short, the relationship would be filled with storm and struggle. People are generally better off with people who share the same attitudes, beliefs and interests.

    Sometimes we attract people who can teach us a lesson about ourselves. This might be just your guides' way of trying to show you by example that it might be a good idea for you to behave a bit differently for a change to see if it doesn't improve your life - like being more patient, expressing your feelings (especially if you are feeling any anger, frustration or jealousy) more, being more focused on your inner life and more aware of self, being more observant, just like this man is. Or it might be a warning message to check your behaviour to see if you are exhibiting any of his negative traits - suspicion, secretiveness, emotionalism, possessiveness or jealousy.

  • Scorpios in general can be very magnetic and have a strong sense of presence. We are all capable of feeling the lively vibe of another and all it means is that and nothing else. The fact you are still thinking of him is more a symptom of something else. As Captain says, there is something missing that calls for a lesson or your path needs to be addressed. I am getting that you crave a more purposeful life and something spiritually meaningful. It could also be timing as your present relationship though happy may have transitioned past the beginning stage of mystery and sparks and become more comfortable. You are young so you have not had much experience with the stages of a long term relationship . Past lives do not always mean permanence. Sometimes a past life agreement can be a one encounter plan......meant to begin an important path lesson. Sometimes, women make more of magnetism than it means. Magnetism or attraction is a feeling that must include the head or one can be led astray. Spirit shows me the word RESTLESSNESS extra large letters. At this crossroads you are being called to look inward rather than outside yourself and be more focused on self awareness......lovingly of course. BLESSINGS!

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