Looking for a general reading

  • What would I need for this? Would prefer one that does not use birthdays...... Thanks!

  • Just ask a specific question if you want a specific answer.

  • Hi Captain,

    I'll give whyem568 a general reading... whyme568, I'll pick up on your feelings...see what’s up.

    something new is going to pop up...like there was a struggle and all of a sudden the circle is clear

    you have to put your all into it, if the idea was someone else’s your using, make sure it is sound, it cannot just be winged

    you feel that something didn’t go your way that should have, just remember when you act...be kind and just...take the high road and do the right thing for the right reason

    during this struggle there will be separation and a feeling of loss

    recently you have what I call tossing your dreams up in the air and waiting for something good to fall, remember you have to make good happen don’t just wait for it

    you have someone trying to help out and give good information

    there has been instability...you wanted to be happy...but I feel sadness

    you have been doubting yourself...maybe a little stubborn...trust your feelings

    your putting your trust in someone when your little voice is saying no

    there is going to be a struggle... a blow up...then you will be able to change and have a new look on things

    that tension is going to cause indecision and you need to focus on you...do the right thing and think it thru

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick! Some of that does resonate. Lots of work stuff going on and I'm trying to decide what to do.

    The person who I think you see trying to help out..... has been sporadic. I think it could be a good arrangement (help on both ends) but I'm not getting a lot of feedback. On the other hand I would like to feel like I've "paid back" what they've given me even though they do not feel they gave a lot.

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