Would appreciate a love/ex-bf reading please

  • Just wondering if someone would be kind enough to do a reading for me about the current state my ex and I are in.

    And just kinda where his head and heart might be at present, including his feelings for me or someone else. Is there someone else?

    Would be very appreciated, thank you!

  • The cards indicate that you are feeling gloomy, pessimistic and depressed over the situation while your ex is feeling positive, open, focused, and ready to commit. You need to sit down and have an honest, sharing talk about your situation.

  • Thank you for the reading TheCaptain.

    Do the cards indicate that he is ready to commit to someone else? Is he over me? Or is there a chance for us again? Anything about how he feels towards me?

  • Your ex is feeling very vulnerable at the moment so you need to tread carefully. He is open to discussion of your relationship but he would want some things to change - for you to change - in order to re-establish it. You would need to decide if the changes he will request are something you could live with. But you need to talk to him.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain.

    Does he come across as a commitment phoebe by any chance? Perhaps controlling? Do the cards maybe indicate why he is feeling vulnerable? I'm really curious about how he feels towards me.

  • Another thing I wanted to mention is that he doesn't want to talk to me.

  • He is feeling vulnerable because he is confused about his life and love in general. He feels he needs space and time to think without any distractions. At this point it is hard to tell which way he will go as he doesn't know himself. I don't feel he has anyone else deeply in his life at present.

  • If you could give me his birthdate and yours, I could look at your compatibility.

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