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  • Hi all ~ My Moms Brother passed away & he was very reclusive & the oldest of six. My Aunt & my Mom are very close up until this point. My Mom is heartsick over my Aunt no longer talking to her. My Aunt has been abused verbally by her exhusband for years & her daughters. We are worried that her daughter is abusing her & manipulating her to isolate her from the family. Her Daughter has done alot of awful things. Lying to her also about her sisters & brother that are still living. She is not talking to anyone & this is not like her. We want to help her & my Mom is very sick right now & she needs her sister. If anyone has any insight as to what is happening with her & how we can help her I would really appreciate the help so much. I think the reason my Mom is sick partly because of this. Love & Blessings ~D

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    Your Mother and her sister had to different lives. Your aunt is in grief and she is thinking now. If you feel like she is being abused than you should drop in and check on her, take her a gift like flowers. I feel your Mother is in need of a good nutritionist and she needs to get out more and make new friends. Love is the only house big enough my dear to handle all the pain in the world.

    Until everyone involved in this circle can begin to forgive and let go of past hurts and disappointments there will be no change. Life is given to us to learn and grow from. I wish your Mother and Aunt the gift of healing and beginning to love again.


  • The problem is isolation and lack of communication. I see several layers of reality. First... the sister is grieving and often this is done in isolation. As if any more family contact makes it more painful. People differ in their process of dealing with loss. Some shut it out, others face it and walk through it. It's their natures to be one or the other. Some people can talk about the loss and include the loved one in their daily life as if they live on. Others find it fearfully painful to even mention their loved ones name or engage out loud in memories. The one who prefers to hide from the pain will find the other hurtful and insensitive. And the one who grieves yet needs to still include the loss openly is hurt by the others closed door on the subject, as if death is final. Second....I see that the sister had a personal unresolved issue with her older brother.....and she is heartsick about that, because her nature is to stuff away uncomfortable things she never got around to saying or doing something....she passively waited. Now it's too late. Her grief is compounded by regret. The sister is more passive and her dramas are passive aggressive. She fears being mean yet she gets hurt but never talks about it and the offender is clueless to what she or he did. The sister has trouble expressing hurt.....and sadly, if she just spoke up she would realize that 99 percent of the time the offender did not mean what she thought. Third....I see a greediness in the sister's family, someone, I believe one of her children has an eye on money and who gets what when the time comes. I feel it's a female energy, this is a very troubled person, she lacks social skills and doesn't get along with people. She is both a bully yet also a victim. There is a deep unhappiness and she grasps at outside things to fill her emptiness....she has the philosophy of get others before they get you. That karma comes back to her and she ends up attracting users. She is an easy target for players and scammers. What I do not see is the barrier you describe. I do not see a door that an't be open. You should pray for guidance and also visualize speaking to your Aunt and say what you need to say. Spirit advises to not imagine so much, but do put direct energy into contacting your Aunt. Be up front in your concerns but leave out any drama. Bottom line is how is she and mom misses her is everything ok etc. If she says she is having a hard time and just needs to be alone than except that but you can love from a distance, send cards just to say you are thinking of her. You did not say what kind of abuse you suspect. Spirit says if this happens the intuition will be clear and it will be dealt in it is not going to happen....someone will not let it happen. What I pick up most is that your aunt is sick herself, very tired and feeling beaten. Going through a regret state of mind, facing her last phase of life and going over the past....she's tired. Passive people have a harder time with loss and change. Specially people who survive by putting their pain often all comes out at once during an event like her brother dying. Spirit shows me that your mother's childhood was one of stoic silence....they were raised to hush up. Dirty laundry was not aired, and children did as they were told and did not form opinions their parents did not approve of. There was a dominance in the household. Spirit advises communication and patience as time is needed but this will pass. For now, take care of your mom but do not feed any fears, encourage her to consider her sister is just overwhelmed with her own issues right now to be there for anyone...but DO keep making loving no strings attached contact. Spirit adds to not get in conflict with the troubled daughter......walk away and keep your distance from her. BLESSINGS!

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  • I am so happy I could help. And a nutritionist can benefit your mom. I pick up her iron is low, she needs more protein, her thyroid is sluggish but sometimes the test doesn't pick it up. Her adrenals are exhausted (stress). She may have to give up some of her comfort foods ; )....but once she has her energy back she can add them back in moderation. She also doesn't drink enough water though she may think she does. Tell her to pay attention to her urine should be clear. Dehydration will make her sleepy. BLESSINGS!

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  • AMEN!

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