Need a reading regarding/work/fiances

  • iv been in homecare for 8 years, about to graduate veterinary technology program. in meantime I need a job, my current agency hasn't had any clients for me, so I applied for another agency, they pay a dolloar an hour more, they are more fair, reasonable, and all around better agency. But there has been delays on background checks, at first the one woman at office said expect 5-7 days but its been couple weeks, yesterday I called and they said it could up to 30 days!! Iv already been hired but cannot be assigned any clients until the background checks are processed. Can some tell me how much longer this is going to take? I need to work badly, my fiancé is busting his butt but he cant do it on his own, he is very stressed and getting down on me to find work, I will go back to looking for work while I wait, but it took 6 weeks just to get this job! I keep calling the office but they said they would me when it comes in. Im frustrated and I have bills that must get paid, and I already borrowed money from my mom recently.

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