Recent college grad, hoping for love soon

  • Hey! I'm a Virgo, turned 21 in September and just graduated from college on the 25th, so two days ago. Because of that I had to move back home. Do you have any ideas about a future love/relationship coming soon? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

  • Majesstic11, until the age of thirty-six, you will find that relationships play an important part in your life so you need to get to grips with them and with any issue that is standing between you and finding love. You may really want to be popular and appreciated, but this may prove elusive until you learn to control your impulsive candor. You must watch what you say because you can turn people off by being tactless or hurtful. You are a passionate, generous and warm-hearted person, but you may become difficult or moody in a relationship if your partner tries to restrict your freedom or change you in any way. Finding someone who is as intelligent as you are, and who can share a similar passion for life and love, is essential for you. However someone with your opposite personality - like a Pisces man - would make an unpredictable, and thus highly stimulating and attractive, match for you. From the age of thirty-seven, there will be an important turning point in your life when your need for self-reliance will be enhanced and the emphasis will fall on personal transformation.

    In 2014, it will be important or you to slow down and steady yourself in order to balance the energies of change that will be hitting you this year. Your emotional energy is very strong, and it is from the heart that you express yourself. You must beware, however, of overstepping certain boundaries before which you must stop and pause with respect. Because you rarely back down from confrontations and have such a competitive nature, you may often be at odds with the authorities or powers that be in society. Furthermore, you are by nature a risk-taker and must beware of succumbing to the temptation of pure thrill-seeking for its own sake. At some point, you may have to rein in your rebelliousness a bit. You can be so full of energy and restless excitement that the pace of your life often tends to be quite fast, making you accident-prone, especially this year. It can also lead to information overload and stress; so learning to slow down every now again is therefore extremely important for you. It is also important to eat more slowly, as fast eating and indigestion are your health challenges. Ridges on your fingers, a sore tongue and frequent stomach upsets could be signs of poor digestion. You need to take time over your meals, chew food slowly and not drink too much with your food, as this dilutes stomach acid and slows down digestion. Cutting back on the caffeine would really help too. You must also slow down when it comes to love and relationships because you may not take enough time to evaluate a potential suitor before falling in love. You can get carried away by dreams and fantasies, rather than seeing the reality of a person or situation. Unrequited love is an issue you may often have to deal with until you become more realisitc about romance. You need to know yourself well before you can hope to understand anyone else, so some time spent discovering all you need to know about yourself - like what really makes you happy - will be time well spent indeed. Relationships are an art. You learn about yourself through your associations with others and grow spiritually as a result. In love, you tend to look for perfection and commitment and may have difficulty finding either, because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Don't hold yourself or others to impossibly high standards. Set clear goals (in love AND life) and keep them in view as you work towards them. Once you gain more control of your energy and learn to aim your passion in the right direction, you will find true happiness and success.

    So forget about looking for love - work on yourself and your life goals and enjoy the process. You will find exactly what you are looking for when your mind is focused on something other than what you feel is lacking in your life. You cannot plan for love. Love will steal up behind you and tap you on the shoulder just when you are not expecting it. 2014 for you will work well If you are feeling incredibly uninhibited and ready to have the time of your life. This year is about fun, adventure, sensuality and experimentation, and it may be a mesmerising year for you, particularly for relationships. If you’ve been feeling like you need a bit of a push to make important changes in your life, then this year's vibration will help you do it. 2014 may also bring unexpected changes to your life if you try to fight your natural forward progression. Similarly, if you try to force situations, you may find they rebound on you with the same velocity. 2014 offers you wonderful opportunities to get crystal-clear about your life and to put it into perspective. This may require a lot of communication, which is great because you need to work on this quality this year. Good communication can help to kick-start your career or boost your closeness within a relationship. In order to make the most of this year, you need to embrace change. Any kind of procrastination may compound situations and prolong them, so that this year stops and starts. However, as much as you’d like to talk yourself out of facing situations, you can if you want keep your mind positive and talk yourself into them. Indeed, you may find yourself craving regularity this year, but it would be wasted sentiment. Life may be full of surprises, and should not be boring, particularly if you pounce on some of the exciting opportunities on offer, and are versatile with it. It’s time to allow your soul to speak to you and for you to use your gifts in 2014.

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