College graduate, needs outlook on future

  • Hey! I'm a Virgo, turned 21 in September and just graduated from college on the 25th, so two days ago. Because of that I had to move back home and currently have no job prospects and am sending out as many applications as I can.

    Do you have any ideas of how long it'll take to find a steady job I enjoy such as my dream job? Or am I going to be at home for a while. Anything about a future love/relationship coming soon? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

  • It is really within your control. If you are willing to accept entry level and or jobs that may not be related to a study area that you chose; your chances increase. What is your alleged dream job?

  • Do you have work experience and if so, what?

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  • You could try gearing your writing to that industry, that is a start to make the dream more real. You could try to engage your writing on blogs and websites.

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  • Are you at all physically engaged in extreme sports?

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  • What work experience do you have? Why are you thinking extreme sports is your ideal career field? What is making you feel/think extreme sports is the right path?

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  • I would build a portfolio of all your writing work and awards. I would somehow log/blog your extreme sports experiences and research, so you can put that into a portfolio. You may want to think about where exactly in extreme sports, maybe sales/marketing (products for sport/or tickets to events) could be a 'foot in the door'.

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  • I was in frustration after finished my university. I think everyone faced this situation excluding some lucky person. I felt sadness when my friends was getting their job before mine. If you think you are in this situation and you are able to write well then you can contact with to get a job.

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