Capricorn Man / Aquarius woman

  • Hi Can anyone share their experience with Capricorn man in relationship please? I dont get those guys, I met a Capri man and we clicked straight away, We spoken sometimes ago online then he disappear and reappear 4 months later. I did not really mind as I didnt see him as a boyfriend, then we met and stay with each other for 10 days

    After I came back I made plan to move to his country and started to get job offer and find a place. I thought he will be happy with this but he offer me no help at all, his affection and especially contact with me diminished rapid in the days . He been looking for work for sometimes and did not find anything but he finally seemed to be on his way of breakthrough after one of his friend helped him to get a job.

    nevertheless he kept bitching about that friend and insisted this person is not part of his friend . I helped him to prepare that interview but after he went for it he didnt want to talk to me about how it went and we never spoken about it again. I had my job interview too but he never asked me how it was for me. I sent him some gifts that he never acknowledge with a thank you. I am deeply disappointed with this guy.

    His coldness is beyond anything I never met. Its so strange as when I was with him for the 10 days he was very affectioned. He was a bit heavy handed in the bedroom with smacking and bondage fantasy that didnt bother me much

    It was new to me

    but since I came back I feel all his over

    When I told him that this relationship is not meeting my need he started to say yes many people told him he suck in relationship

    he asked for another chance and when I gave him one he then blamed me to change my mind

    is he crazy?

    We dont speak anymore I left it alone

    He embarrassment me so much. I just never met someone that is this way.

    I feel for 10 days we had was just a facet and wasnt real

    NOW I face this immature kid that dont want to communicate, dont want to face his responsibility to have been involved with someone else

    Dont say nothing, and bring me nothing

    Thanks God 2015 is calling me loud and I got no time for such nonsense

    He is just a loser

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