Please help me interpret my relationship reading please!!

  • Question- do Him and I have a future together or should we go our separate ways.

    Higher Power- ten of coins

    Recent Past- strength

    Situation- four of swords

    Self- the world

    Challenges/ Opportunities- the Heirophant

    Near Future- Ace of Swords

    Foundation- the Hermit

    Long-term Potential- Ten of Swords

    Advice- Knight of Swords

    Allies- six of wands

  • I'm sorry, I know you don't want to hear this, but go your separate ways. There isn't anything else in those cards other than telling you it's the end of the road and time to move on.

  • Thanks, I've done a few readings and get different cards so I'm getting confused. Though I always get the Knight of swords and Ace of swords. I've gotten the World for self twice as well. I thought the same thing just wanted clarification.

  • Yes, the World as you stuck out for me. The World is about completion...the end of a journey. You also had two 10's which are also completion.

    Knight of Swords came through to me as moving on without hesitation - not looking back.

    The Ace of Swords is clarity, truth. However it's usually a difficult truth to accept so the clarity it suggests is the clearing of the fog in our mind - of our perception(s).

    The position you called "Higher Power" is usually better described as what is hanging over you. It's normally where our thoughts are. Ten of Pentacles in this position was an indication of your thoughts being about whether or not this was a long-term relationship - whether the two of you had a future together.

    The Long-Term Potential pretty much said it all.

    Take Care.

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