Hi Captain!

  • I just wanted to say hi. It's coming up on 3 years since I got since I got sick and started talking to you. Time flies. I am working on opening a business with my dad in construction and taking a break from flying for now until I can afford it. My dad was successful with his company but times are slow now, so I hope I can make it work. Opening an office in a new state and there is a lot of opportunities there, so perhaps I can make it work. I'm feeling well, missed a few tests for liver, but I have been working out again and feel great. I finally got rid of my worries and bad energy...well, greatly reduced it I think. I finally believe things are looking the best they have ever and just curious as to what you see. Imagine that, me being positive and happy. I hope you are well and thanks for 3 years of dealing with me 🙂

  • Sounds like you have started a new life! That's great. After all, you are a new person now. I can feel your positive vibes and that they are reflected in attracting positive situations and people to you.

  • PS. What about the music?

  • I am playing a little each day and slowly getting my confidence back. I have to get over my fear of singing and thinking people will laugh at me. Little by little i will be better and

    t songs will come together.

  • Excellent!

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