May I have a work-related reading please?

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    I recently set myself up as freelancer. I find my job fulfilling and I work with integrity, but I would like to know whether there is anything my spirit guides wish to tell me in relation to my work. I pray to earn enough money to live comfortably and independently.

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  • I asked your guides to pick the advice card that you need about your freelancing. Your card is -

    The Card of Enlightenment, State of Grace, Connection, Spirituality, Ascension, and Angelic Help.

    This is the time you need to establish a firm connection with spirit or your God or the Universe or whatever you believe in - and you need to believe in a Higher power even if it is only your own Higher Self. Spiritual Enlightenment transcends religion. It transcends thought. It transcends mind and its senses. And it conveys a level of wisdom and knowledge about life and the universe that is unparalleled. The concept of enlightenment implies complete understanding of life and the universe, which usually is accompanied by a detachment of all things impermanent and a complete awareness of everything that is, at the moment that it is. Prayer, meditation, chanting, yoga, martial arts, fasting, dancing, sensory deprivation, pilgrimages, are all ways to achieve enlightenment. The living of life itself is a natural process of ascension whether you are consciously seeking ascension or not. Every relationship you encounter, every challenge you deal with, every new idea you contemplate, every road you travel, will bring you into a greater awareness of yourself, the space within you and the space around you. To become enlightened, know that there are no special virtues to acquire. Simply remain conscious. The practice of prolonging our conscious state will give us the power to be absolutely free from suffering due to clinging to things and experiences in the material world. Being in a state of grace is not a special state of mind; it is the mind's and heart's freedom from all clinging which gives rise to an awareness of all human experience without a notion of identity separate from the world around us. All of us are free to choose the kind of "Reality" we wish to experience. You do not have to focus on becoming spiritual, you are already spiritual by the very nature of your origin. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You cannot try to become that which you already are, for there is nowhere to go…you are already there! Ascension is not about becoming spiritual, it is about expanding your state of consciousness through greater levels of awareness. Where you can achieve greater control over your ascension process is simply by choosing to be more consciously aware of your life and all that touches it. Self-examination is a very powerful process that allows greater insight and expansion through reflection. The act of reflection takes place in the mind as you look at yourself and examine your experiences through the light of thought. And when you allow your thoughts to be guided by the truth that lies within your heart, you will see with greater clarity. The art of self-examination will always guide you to greater perspective on your personal choices and help you take greater responsibility for your own life. Release any firm attachment to one particular belief system and embrace them all - even if you are leaning more toward one perspective than another, allow yourself to stay open to the realm of possibility and this will always serve you better. Listen to your heart - your heart (and your intuition) is the inner compass that will guide you to where you need to be. When you learn to trust the wisdom of your heart over the limitations of so called Rational Thinking’, you will always find greater clarity and expanded awareness. Follow your dreams - setting out on the journey to follow your dreams is one of the most important things you will ever do. No one can truly be fulfilled without following their dreams, because your dreams and passions are your soul’s calling. You must answer the calling of the soul in order to achieve any meaningful personal fulfilment, otherwise you will always be living with the feeling or sensation that something is missing. Another great way to boost the ascension/enlightenment process is to connect with nature’s elemental resources. The mere act of being out in nature will help to ground you and nourish your soul. Be of service to others - when you are offering service to another from an open heart, that’s when the true power of love is activated. Helping others achieve what they want will always bring you closer to what you want, as giving without motive is an act of pure kindness that has incredibly far-reaching affects. Be happy! Having fun and being joyful frees your spirit. It unleashes the core energy of who you really are and allows your spirit (which is you) to experience the same joy and freedom it naturally experiences in its pure organic non-physical state, through the physical. When you are happy and joyful, you are in total alignment with your true spiritual nature as conscious intelligence. And when you are in alignment with the infinite part of who you are, you will see just how ridiculous all of your worries truly are, as the paradox of life’s beauty and pain are seen through the crystal clear light of equality. From this place, you can cherish and appreciate both with equal value. Yet when all is said and done, there is only one thing that truly matters when it comes to living in a state of grace… LOVE. It’s the universal language that holds everything together. Love is the highest vibrational frequency in existence. It is mathematics in its purest form. It is the absolute, and nothing can penetrate it, break it down, or break it apart. It cannot be weakened – it cannot be destroyed. Love is all there is – nothing exists without it. Do everything with love. To love yourself unconditionally is the ultimate form of self-actualization. Not many of us will ever achieve this completely, and that’s ok, but it is the most important thing you can strive for in this life. Your foundation of Self-Love is the optical and emotional lens of clarity in which you view the world. The level of LOVE you hold for YOURSELF creates your vision of the world and becomes the compass that directs you to make the all choices you make from moment to moment that form the overall picture of your life.

  • I also felt compelled to pull another card for you - this card.

    The Card of Inflexibility, Closedmindedness, Defensiveness, and Resistance to Change.

    In this situation, there is some sort of inflexibility, an inappropriate stubbornness or defensiveness, an unwillingness to step out of a rut or change direction that is negatively impacting on you. You - or the other people involved - in some way have grown ‘old’ and afraid in the mind/heart, or unable to change, or to see others' points of view or other ways of doing and being. If there is defensiveness, you must ask where it comes from - the source is often fear. Defensiveness is a way of protecting beliefs, position, authority, self worth, or other such strong feelings. Since it is advisable to bend rather than to break, the inflexible person must revise all attitudes that may be causing problems. If it is you, you must reset your brain and consider possibilities that you may not ever have thought about. You need to explore many and varied opportunities and not stay stuck in the same spot. If you resist change, it will be thrust upon you, so it is preferable to choose it before you have no choice. You can struggle, or you can surrender. Surrender is a frightening word for some people, because it might be interpreted as passivity, or timidity. But real surrender means wisely accommodating yourself to what is beyond your control. Getting old, getting sick, dying, losing what is dear to you all beyond your control. You can either be frightened of and angry at life - or not. You may consider you have done all that you can in this situation, but you are not seeing all that is available to you, maybe because you don’t know yourself well enough or possess enough confidence in your own abilities. Unbend and ask for help, forgiveness or understanding. A certain amount of stubbornness and resolution is necessary to achieve your goals, but you have to be aware of, if or when, it changes into an inflexible resistance to anyone else’s input or advice. Keeping an open mind is difficult but so rewarding. It means you are open to everyone and everything that comes your way, allowing yourself to embrace different possibilities, life directions, opportunities, people, views, suggestions and interests. You need to be unprejudiced, without stubbornness, and flexible at all times. Try to practice this in every situation and it will make your life a lot easier and less complicated. Better yet, it is fun to practice. Trying to understand someone’s point of view, even when you disagree or don’t like the person very much, can change and free your mind in a way you might never expect. It can make you feel powerful to have the ability to change your way of thinking and not to get stuck in a mindset that makes you frustrated, angry or helpless. Keeping an open mind is one of the best tools for simplifying your life. It doesn’t mean you have to believe or accept everything but, if you do listen, observe, feel and try to comprehend every situation on your path, it may just save you - and others - much grief and bad feelings. If you yourself are the recipient of defensiveness or a closed mind, you may need to walk away if there is no chance of compromise or unbending. Inflexible people can feel they haven’t been heard or paid attention to or simply fear change so they dig their heels in. Try to promote the understanding that there is a difference between being focused and being one-track in the approach to achieving success. The first is determination, the latter is failure. The upside of resistance or disagreement is that differing viewpoints can often bring forth important information that may have been previously missed.

  • Thank you very much, Captain! These words really struck a chord with me. The first card reflects a path which I have just commenced and clearly need to continue pursuing, the second is something I need to face. I feel that the direction indicated in the first card will help me take the necessary action in the second. I will study what you wrote in order to absorb everything well. Blessings to you.

  • You're very welcome!

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