• Hi Bloom, above all, hope all is well with you and your family.

    Sorry to nag you, but I really trust your judgment and if you can help me with this, I'd be grateful.

    For so long I'm dealing with this pain in my left side and is extremely painful, it affects my physical and mental state, also causes me much anxiety. Recently I went to this quantum healer because the doctors keep telling me I have nothing, but the truth is that pain is sometimes unbearable, so I'm looking for an answer and this lady told me that this pain is due to a car accident that I had in 2008, my organs seem like puzzles , the truth is; I left the place without feeling any pain and I feel lighter too, but the pain unfortunately is still here, another thing is that me and my partner, we discovered that we can conceive through assisted fertilization, this was one of our greatest dreams, but now I feel that carrying a baby inside me is not much important as it was before and this fertilization thing feels so unnatural, I feel that for some reason I'm not supposed to carry a baby, but I do not want to disappoint my husband and the funny part about having gone to this lady is that she immediatly picked this and said I did not need to be a mother.

    So as you can see I'm at a crossroads in relation to the fertilization and I dont know what to do or who to look for to make my pain go away, can you shed some insight?

  • My first impression is let go of the assisted pregnancy. Do not dwell on that. The doctors only find what a test can find...that's it...unless you get an intuitive doctor. I had lasting hip pain from an accident so that is a possibility. I also have had shingles which often involves the lower side of the body......the skin may not blister but will tingle and can be brushed off as bug bite or allergy rash. BUT the pain comes later and it is excruciating like no other is deep and relentless. And it can come back under stress. I got it after my son passed and didn't catch it in time to treat so now I'm stuck with it. It comes and goes and the pain does effect your mental well being! There is a supplement called L-lysine anti viral that helps. My son just came down with shingles and he is only in his forties but going through a painful divorce. Other symptoms that appear before the pai are extreme tiredness, achy flue symptoms and low grade fevers that come and go. Another possibility is you hold onto pain but aren't aware. I used to need a chiropractor regularly because I had a habit of clenching certain muscles unconcesouly to deal with unspoken stress. My pain points were my hip and shoulder. It's a silent clenching. if you are psychic or an empath you will get body pain after being around someone who is a needy zapper or negative...or just by being in a crowd. The problem with pain is the pain increases tightness and makes it worse. A good massage therapest can help you determine if you have hard clenched trigger points. Soaking in Epsom salts .....use plenty is not helps. Also be in awareness for a few days of mindless habits like how you sit or sleep or stand. I have caught myself in bad habits that aggravate the spots. Simple things like vacuuming! I realized I swing my hip too fast and get a pain later.Sometimes our body's choose pain as a distraction from fearful thoughts or situations we do not want to deal with. I sense that possibility in your rethinking the baby may mean you do not know why it doesn't feel right and can't express that to your partner in a logic he can accept. That's why if you just let it go. completely it will help you. Car accidents leave weak scar that will always be a weak spot. I have those and it took me many years to respect that or pay in pain. I would consider the shingles first. BLESSINGS!


  • Hi other Bloom, nice to meet you, thanks for taking your time to talk with me.

    At first I couldn’t feel the connection I was a lil confused while I was reading your text, than when I looked at your second post I was: wow this explains why I couldn’t feel the connection.

    Anyway, you aren’t the first person that points out shingles as being my problem, the thing is I already talked with a doc. about it; I have no blisters or itching or a rash unless I really touch something that causes me this and this confuses me a lot bc no one can find a solution, what I do know is that when this pain happened I first went through symptoms of a stroke or heart attack but I did none. The day before I worked like a dog to have my house kind disinfected bc my hubby was having a surgery for us to be able to conceive and while doing that a child spirit talked to me saying he wanted to be my kid but I felt fear and in that night I couldn’t sleep, next day went to pick up hubby and that’s when all happen, since that day I developed extreme anxiety, pain under my ribs, a constant pain in my left side that attacks my neck, arm and lower back and chest, Im continuous blocking my vertebrae and having therapist help, Im not fat, I didn’t gain a lot of weight and I cant wear my trousers without feeling uncomfortable, I feel like my diaphragm its so inflamed and somehow is ripped and I feel bloated all the time, I stopped exercising due these pains and socializing the way I did and this will sound insane but sometimes my left side especially my head is on fire and the right one is normal and once me and my husband we notice that all my left side was red as fire and the right one had normal skin color I even had to put ice on my skin to calm it down, Geez I was so scared. I was tested for everything and all came negative.

    That’s why I went to this intuitive healer and she asked me how I can cope with this pain, she was feeling it, asked me about having a rib dislocated, gallbladder or stomach prob, I said that the docs say Im okay, then she pointed out an accident and said that my organs were messed up.

    I’ve been through a lot emotionally and under a lot of stress, I still don’t know what I am exactly, some people say Im a medium another that Im an empath and Im working with a bad person right now and sometimes the stress I feel is huge and my pain comes back, Ive been told to protect myself and to tell u the truth my energy is very low right now, I just want to figure out why I have this and if anyone can pick up how I can get rid of these, besides this fertilization thing I already made peace with my past and Im already seeing a brighter future the only thing that is really upsetting me is this bloody pain. Oh and also I developed rosacea, a face skin condition that creates a rash, peels sometimes and if I drink, well I look like a “red smurf”. Yes Bloom stress and emotional pain are big triggers. Anyway I will try ur suggestions, it doesn’t hurt, lol.

    Thanks for your time.

  • We both meant Blmoon, instead of Bloom, Im so sorry didnt realize it, well I will repost but this time with right name, but Im very happy to know u. Many blessings.

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