Need advice on my new apartment and the fears about it..

  • I had to move to this new place because of financial reasons and the need for more space. I decided to take this apartment, because I found it cheap for the space. Not necessary liking the neighborhood. Simply is a financial resolution of the moment.

    the first day I was moving in here, I was hearing a neighbor talking to her friend on the story of my apartment with the previews people that rented the place, which left me a bitter taste, and has raised some feelings of fears since then.

    She was saying out loud : " the girl that lived in the apartment for five years died last year on 52 street, and after that the people that came in, left immediately too..." I asked her if she was talking about my apartment, and she said :yes but the girl didn't die in the apartment. Her family came to get her stuff later ... she died on 52 street..

    Another thing is that when I saw this apartment, on the day of viewing it, 'the people that left Immediately' had written graffiti words on the walls with black ink and the messages were bad. the word that stood out from seeing back then was the word Dread, which I can still notice under white paint. At some parts It was written over and over again...

    One previous morning I was doing my coffee and a heart shape appeared on it when I poured it in the cup. It happens to me often. I always take it a as sing of being full of heart. Then looking into FB page I saw some art stuff from someone which has been posting depressing messages lately, because he separated from his girlfriend. While looking at the art piece he was calling it Dread, I looked up on my wall and saw the word dread as a shadow of the graffiti written underneath the painted wall. I am trying to get over this feeling of fear and ignore the bad messages about the apartment. And till now it has been going well. it is simply a fixation in my mind and the fear about something might go wrong.

    I am usually very positive person. But fear is my friend. I feel like I am being tested with this place. I am buying lots of new staff and making the place look nice and beautiful. I am an artist so I need to have an inviting space. I also bought some white sage to perform some cleansing one day even though I have to learn how to use use it first.

    Also, I am very connected to the dreams, and yes If i ask for an answer it will be given to me. However, dreams not always tell me the truth. Last night I head a dream. However, I didn't ask for it and I believe is based on the fear I have inside. I saw my body parts around my belly shaking and moving uncontrollably (almost as a lucid dream this part) and in my believe in the dream there was the negative energy acting. I think this part is my fear, which I am trying to fight. Easier said than done. In the dream, also I noticed that yes my place is having some weird energy around it, but to say you the truth in the reality I haven't notice any thing yet. I do believe my fear has been settle in a bit and I am trying to fight it.

    I bought a basil plant yesterday and I noticed my lemon seed has sprout in the window 🙂

    Any other wise advise out there on how to see all this ?? how to get over this fear ?? Is there some message that I should listen too ?? Or any thing I should do to make it better ?? any kind of advice or comment to ease my fear, or work with it is appreciated.

    Thank you D

  • FEAR is what negative energys feed on. Negative spirits move on if they are not welcomed. You can tell a spirit to leave. There are haunted places where a negative energy has not crossed and was so closed off from love that they do not go to God IS love. These spirits do not leave...if that is the case then the spirit has always been there. I bet the last tenants got the same scary reception you got....the neighbor is planting her own fears in others. You didn't get fearful at first so that's good. I get that you are sensitive. Most creatives are. You did not pick up any REAL threat. Altho you were desperate for a place and that can hinder intuition and guidance. You must repaint that wall with a blocking paint....ironicaly there is one called killz ; ) Then you should get a framed print of Saint Michael and hang it over that place. You seem to already understand the laws of energy. Negative energies linger in low energy places...clutter, chaos, neglect. depression anger despair and mental illness. Get wind chimes and a nice bell. All religions around the world recognize the power of chimes or bells. I have wind chimes throughout my house. After arguments you can hit the chimes and it clears the air. Ringing a bell as well sends negative spirits away....that's why at the beginning of services and rituals there is ringing of a bell. I am a medium but do not go spirit hunting. They come to me and if you have a negative presence it most likely would hide. The earth bound ones who do not leave prefer to be hidden. Often when I do come across one it is because a person's spirit guides tells me and outs them.The woman who died did leave some energy and if you are sensitive you will pick it up but also, if you have been sensitive all your life you most likely have an auto pilot that just ignores that because really psychic residue is everywhere. Anything she left you can undo. In fact it takes awhile to clear out all the residue and make it your home. Fear is an inward are in your head. Often it just takes getting out of your head to dissolve fear from spinning out of control. Either go outside. Put on music. Start a mind engaging project or repeat a mantra over and over until the fear is gone. You can make up one or look up ..mantras for fear. I like two........IT IS SAFE TO FEEL GOOD...IT IS GOOD TO FEEL SAFE............or ALWAYS US LIVING LOVE. The lords prayer is good. I think you are picking up a lot of neighbor gossip. People who obsess like that can create poltergeist activity. At night visualize yourself surrounded by sheilds and say all poisen arrows sent me will be deflected and returned to sender. Call on Saint Michael, he always listens. When you wake ask him to please guide you and protect you. When you leave your apartment tell him thank you for watching over your apartment while you are out. First take care of that wall not because it has any real power but it creeps you out. Fix it and do hang up the Arch Angel. Use the chimes and if you do get fearful at night ring a bell through the house. Consider it housecleaning. If anything else comes up after you do this let me know. I can help you further or let you know if a spirit does come forward....but right now I think you are doing fine but as a sensitive person you have found yourself in an environment you normaly would not choose. You picked up on the possibility a lesson could be learned. You are being challenged in that are very insightful! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Thank you so much for your insights ! and thank you for the cards too !! The second card resonates with me at the moment. I feel how I am tested to get over my fears, and to trust that only I create my own reality as I want it, and nothing could stop it but me. This is a repeated lesson so i feel I am in my path.

    Two days ago, for the first time I did a little cleansing of my aura with smudging white sage after a shower. I found in google how to do it, and it made a quick magic to me 🙂 I called Archangel Michael and as never before I felt that kind of alertness and reception in a second. It felt as he was present. As soon as I was done I was going around the place singing and catching my self of that quick change in the feelings and being very happy on this little achievement.

    Today, the front door neighbor told me that the girl was here for only one year. She herself had written the walls that way. My neighbor said that before this there have been many young people coming and going and no one else has died. People leave because the rent gets up too high, because this apartment is not rent controlled. They raise the rent for only few apartments in the building based on the market every year. I felt relieved after this conversation. It made sense to me that the girl could have written the walls, and maybe that's why she died. Probably, she had lots of negativity in her. On the other side doesn't make sense how the next two people that came afterwards, for only couple of months, didn't paint the walls. I think there is more story behind to discover.

    Regarding the earth bound spirits, I have had once a really shaking experience and I know how this is like. I don't feel any weird thing in my places. I don't think there is a spirit in here either. I think my fears have taken over, based on the story, and this is something that everyone could have experienced in the same settings. What I certainly feel and don't like is that there is a stale energy, there is no sun for the whole day, and there is no breeze. I do wash some clothes by hand and it takes days to dry. I think this has to do with the way the building is set. I will buy a ventilator soon to make the air circulate, and definitely will continue smudging white sage, once a while.

    Today, I went for a walk around the neighborhood with my son, and enjoyed the whole way. I am making a little heaven in here for me and him, whom is more sensitive than i am. He just came back from one week vacation with his dad, and told me ' i am very impressed with what you have done in here " 🙂

    I have a parrot and fishes in here, and all is going great !!

    Thank you so much again !! Love and Blessings to you !!

  • I know what you mean about having a dark house. Lot of people actually like there lights off or low light. I must have light. It's an indulgence I do not negotiate. I love beautiful lamps and use the power saving bulbs but I have lamps 24 night I just use small stained glass ones with low watts but all day I have colorful bright light. I think low light invites depression. I am sensitive about air flow as well and energy flow. I arrange my furniture not just for visual but also how the energy flows. Your second post had a good strong vibe. Good for you! BLESSINGS! And thank you Saint Michael!!!

  • Thank You Blmoon !! and Thank you Saint Michael !!

    Love and Blessings to you !!

  • Breze1, I believe drugs are involved either at your apartment previous or with the girl's death. Just be aware of those around you at the apartments.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    There is a high chance that drug is the reason behind the story. Do you sense any neighbor danger ? I heard it is pretty safe around here, even though is not my kind of neighborhood.

    Thank you, B

  • What your new environment is asking of you is to heighten your intuitive skills. And also to strengthen your own positive power and energy. I have always preferred a more diverse edgy neighborhood. I am an artist and a poet professionally and keeping it real feeds my art. Also, it keeps me sharp, like a fox. I use my street smarts and do not get lazy or comfy. Living within reach of our societies social ills keeps me honest with my writing in a way I can give the oppressed a voice. I like to see the word before someone shines it up and makes it as safe as a gated community. I do not mind the purple house! It makes me smile. Or the odd lady who fills her garden with fake plants! But being safe, yes, one must be defensive but I think you get that. You surely, changed your locks----better yet get a deadbolt that can't be picked. Use a chain on the door. Most would be thieves watch for predictable folks who come and go like clockwork. They hate dogs. As for's best to smile and be friendly but avoid being TOO friendly, and do not invite neighbors in. You are more likely to get robbed by friendly faces than some boogie man. Listen to your gut feelings about people and keep good boundaries. These are positive habits. Practice good energy in your space........let the low energy folks avoid you....there life is opportunistic....they take the path of least resistance. It's the law of the jungle, very sad, very unfair but predators prey on the weak and innocent minded first. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, Your words are very powerful and thank you so much for the comfort/helpful inputs you are giving me at this moment in life. My personality is as you describe. I am nice and smily with all, but can't get close or let people in easily. I need my space more than others do, but I fear the fact that this has made me a loner and very difficult to break my solitude. I love to have close family ties, kids and few close friends. I am not a party person, and can't enjoy and have fun if I am not trusting and close to the people I party with.

    I got a deadbolt lock a week ago. I am buying new things every day and don't know yet when I will stop. I am loving what I am doing with my home and hope one day I will feel really home in here. I am happy to see my son going around and feeling good about the new place too, which was not that so in the beginning. He gives me so much delight and happiness. He is like 'home alone' kind of kid, with lots of dreams and imaginations and a special way of talking, that always gives people a smile . He is very spiritual too. 🙂

    This is my first time in life to have my own apartment. I don't know if you make the connection, but I asked you last spring on my desire to have another child but in a rocky marriage not-loving relationship, and you told me 'you will get the answer soon' ...and I did ...and I moved out for a few months with a roommate, I divorced my ex-husband on February, and just moved here on May 1. I read somewhere that once upon a time, May 1 was the only day that americans could move in new places. You could see everybody in the street moving furnitures on May 1, every year. I got this as a good sign for me moving in here. 🙂

    Love and Blessings to you !!

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