Would really appreciate some help

  • hello all,

    i've been having job & financial problems for quite some time and on top of it i've lost quite a bit of money due to sheer bad luck very recently. to say that i'm at my wit's end would be an understatement.

    just to see how things might progress after all this if i stay on this course, i drew three cards from my raider waite deck. four of swords, temperance and page of cups came up.

    i think that the combination of four of swords and temperance might point to a time of healing and maybe taking some time off, but i don't know how page of cups fit into the two. any ideas? thanks so much in advance!

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  • Do you have a tendency to be a little bit naive? I got a sense that you rush into things without doing enough research and that you may be too trusting.

    The Page of Cups is a dreamer. Temperance suggests just that...temperance, restraint. Also balance. The person in the 4 of Swords is taking time out to meditate and calm the mind.

    It feels like your recent "bad luck" may have been due more to poor or uninformed choices than luck.

    Let me know...

  • yes, i have a tendency to be a bit naive, actually. i have realised that about my "dreams" very recently and i'm trying to change my approach about this. and i am definitely in a place in my life right now that what i want to do and how to that is becoming really clear to me. (i'm in my mid twenties 🙂 ) so, yeah, i've had a string of uninformed and rash decisions.

    however, the bad luck i was referring to (and the reason i posted here in the first place) was actually bad luck because the money i made (and very much needed) from my latest job got stolen.. but still, the feeling you got from this is really spot-on. and i would have never thought about naivite for page of cups in terms of career / finance, but then i'm not very good at tarot. 🙂

    anyway, from your interpretation of these cards i get the sense this reading is suggesting to think things through and not to make rash decisions. are there anything else you picked up on?

    thank you so much!

  • Well, I think when you pulled the cards you may have been in an energy of confusion/disappointment/etc about your money being stolen but your question was what you could expect in the future. So, the cards that came through were to help you with the future.

    That being said, something still just isn't sitting right with me about that situation - how was the money stolen?

    Outside of that I just got the feeling that this is part of your growing up process. Having dreams and learning to ground them in reality. Making informed rather than impulsive choices. I've been around a while and it's kind of funny to me that this newest generation that comes into the work force thinks that because they have a bachelor's degree they should be the CEO. A dream of being a CEO is great, but you need to start in more of an entry-level management position and learn the ropes so to speak. Make your way to CEO by one promotion at a time and learning as you go (as well as doing good work and not resting on your laurels). I'm not saying that is you, just that sometimes we need to break our dreams down into baby steps.

    Also, get rich quick schemes are just that - schemes. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is!

    So for you, balance is key. Learning to engage your head with your heart.

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