Reading...pretty please

  • I am crushed by an on/off again love affair...this person keeps coming back to my life yet is unwilling to commit. Aside from feeling foolish and embarrassed, I'm curious to know why the keep attempting to comeback. I've put my foot down and said adios..,I'm just wondering if this person has finally 'got it' or will they come trolling back, yet again.

    Me: 11/14/77

    Him: 12/27/85

  • This is as simple as you make it. He comes back because you let him. It is your inability to ACCEPT he really is not looking to commit. Can people love in the moment yet not commit? Yes they can. Do some people need commitment. Yes they do. Will magical thinking change their minds. No it will not. I think the pain and anger he takes you to has meaning for is an expression of your wound that has yet to be released. You used the word TROLLING in way that is not very self loving. There are commitment loving men out there, CHOOSE on of them. Be kind to yourself. Feeling foolish and embarrassed means you loved from the ego......all true love also hurts but there is no foolishness....never be ashamed to be real if your love was real. These misplaced emotions come from a childhood place and our relationships in adulthood are presented as opportunity to heal. BLESSINGS! PS. Will he come back...probably yes. Will you repeat the same pattern? You have that choice.

  • Hmm...that's your opinion, thanks however I am looking for an actual reading. "trolling" is a word that I regularly use in my day to day jargon. Can someone please do an actual reading? Thanks!

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