Please Help me !! I need a reading..:(

  • Hi everyone. I am new to this forum so still figuring it out lol. I am posting my question here. Can someone give me a tarot reading please? Regarding my love life?.. After going through a rough breakup I am single (by choice) for almost 4 and half years now. But now I want to have someone special in my life but no luck till now..Feeling very lonely nowadays .. 😞 ... I was seeing(nothing serious) few guys but it didn't worked out ..I am 30 ..a cancerian.. moon in Aries..Virgo rising.. Is there any hope for me? Or I'll be single for the rest of my life? Please someone help...!!!!

  • I don't read tarot but I am sensing there are still some lingering issues and fears from your breakup that have not been completely resolved and that prevent you from moving on to a new relationship with someone else.

  • Insearchof

    Welcome to the community.

    I feel right away that you can be a complex person. Hard for people to read you as you let your emotions rule you. I am seeing a tall man about ten years older than you and he has two children that you will meet soon, he loves to be active and may be your opposite an Aries, which is more of a metal rather than an emotional sign.

    There is another man a bit further away in time that you will meet also, he is blonde and rather has a boyish charm about him a water sign he is, you will get along really well with him and this could lead to a long time commitment . I hear the name of Walter here and he is called Walt.

    I drew three crystal cards for you:

    Epidote: Good health , increasing wealth, joyfulness and making your own good luck.

    Pryite: This is about the mental body and indicates study and learning for you. Perhaps in the field of psychology.

    Tranzanite: There is something yet to be reveled to you. I think this is saying that time will tell you where you are headed and what path you will soon walk.


  • Thank u Captain and Shuabby.. Thank you for replying..Yes I am a very complex person I know..can't help it. All I am searching is true connection with someone.. I have so much to give but I am afraid of my future that I will end up alone... 😞 ..

  • Why does being alone scare you - what do you think would happen to you if you end up on your own?

  • I am not sure Captain..may be I've some deep rooted insecurities. I try my best to stay positive all the time but the moment I think about my future everything turns negative. I am very close with my family.. My dad passed away last year ..He was very protective of me.. After he passed away I felt like everything is finished ..I was very very close to him... After my last breakup I went into severe depression but I recovered with the help of proper medication and family support..I have no other sibling..Now I fear of losing my mom..:( .. I feel like there is no one for me in future and I am destined to be alone..I dont know what will happen if I end up alone .. Really scared

  • Insearchof, this is really about the loss of your father. Our parental relationships are the basis of our first chakra - safety and security. So the loss of your father who was so "protective" of you has you off balance. The need for a relationship and the fear of not finding one is a projection of the loss you are trying to deal with. The grieving process takes time and you will need to go through the growth process of realizing that you are capable of being your own provider and protector. I believe once you accomplish this process, the man will appear. You can help yourself by doing things to strengthen and balance your root chakra. Physical exercise, eating a healthy balanced diet, spending time in nature, etc. Focus on your career and doing those things that will help you realize that you will be fine and can provide for yourself.

    We are never alone so do not fear this. Even those without family have "family" through close friends, work mates, etc. Unless you close yourself up in your house and never come out to see the light of day you will never be alone! Even then, you would have your spiritual support with you in your guides, guardian angels, etc.

  • I think you are right water girl..After losing my dad everything has changed .. I am trying to focus on everything else but this fear hits me the most when I wake up in the morning..I feel like everyone will die before me and I will be left alone to suffer and I will end up being lonely and miserable.. I think I am cursed lol .. There are lots of unmarried people in my family uncle aunts. That's what bothers me the most and I fear of ending like them - lonely. Right now I am trying to figure out what is wrong with me ..Why am I still single? I fear my clock is ticking and everybody is settling down around me ..friends etc..But finding the right guy is also important at the same time. . :(.. pray for me please.

  • sorry I didn't mean that being unmarried makes someone miserable or lonely (its individual choice) ..Don't get me wrong..Sorry for my typos..I meant that my aunts and uncles are lonely and they are single by circumstances and not by choice ..that is the main thing I am scared off the most..I believe in marriage and want to have children in future..Is there any hope for me?

  • You will not find real happiness and contentment while you look outside of yourself for something or someone to provide it for you. No other person can make you whole but you. We are all here to take responsibility for ourselves as immortal all-powerful co-creators of the Universe. Your father did not really protect you from the world - you do that all by yourself. He was just a reassuring presence in your life which you are now seeking in a marriage partner. If we look for a parent in our romantic lives, we may unfortunately find a bad parent - a controlling domineering one. But you are no longer a child and the safety and security and happiness you seek can be all self-created. When you find meaningful work that helps others and build a strong sense of self-belief and self-confidence through being useful and fulfilled, you pass beyond neediness and dependence and become able to stand on your own two feet, beautiful and proud. And thus able to pass on your wisdom and strength to others. Feel your power!

  • Very helpful post Captain thank u so much.. I've never thought it that way. Will sure follow what you said.

  • Insearchof,

    Here is a reading picking up on your feelings, it's to help you see from a different perspective so you can help see your choices.

    things aren't stable you not seeing things clearly

    someone you may think is trying to help you may be looking out for themselves

    you have some obstacles to overcome

    there is a guy on your mind...a bit of a dreamer

    new things will be opening up or are now possible where before you needed to think

    watch your surroundings, things may appear ok but look deeper not just the surface what you think is right...not just what you need

    things will work themselves out, hard work will be your reward

    you will see some success from the hard work and it will give you courage to continue

    you need to stay focused though...can't just throw all your thoughts in the air and wait for a good one to fall....focus and work will lead you what you need

    you will be able to step back and smile

    you will see results as long as you work hard and focus

    hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick. I am really confused right now and scared. The thought of my future scares me the most. I want to have someone special (a life partner)in my life but being very unlucky have broken my heart. 😢

  • Yes but it is a mind set, my thoughts of what Captain was saying was that you have to rely on you. You need to make choices for yourself,

    So it comes down to your choices of what you want and being you said you would try to follow, I gave you a reading. My readings tend to be what your feeling and what you are going through... instead of looking at the forest as a whole which is scary take one tree at a time, make one choice that will lead you to the next step and the next tree...less scary that way and you can control more. Before you know it you took a bunch of steps and realize wow I can do this, realize you are going to trip over a few roots that you didn't see but that won't stop you just cause you pause and then continue. What rang through the reading was if you put the work in you will be fine. Take the first step, it doesn't have to be big just start, even a deer path that twists and turns goes somewhere and you will find your way.

    Sorry for the metaphor but a mental picture sometimes helps...

    hope that helps,


  • Thank you so much nick . Thanks for giving me hope. I will try my best to do what you have said. I will start with baby steps and will try to work on my fear first. I need lots of positive energy. Please pray for me.

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