Financial reading, please?

  • In December, I made a move that seemed favorable -- lower rent, closer to work, lower utilities, etc. I'm very satisfied with the move on a personal level. I like my new apartment and neighbors, and I unloaded a massive amount of stuff and greatly simplified my life. Since making the move, though, my financial hole just seems to get deeper and deeper. Could someone please do a tarot reading to clarify my financial situation?

  • Cibolo, I pulled two cards for you regarding your situation from my Wisdom pack.

    1st card - The Card of Depression, Desperation and Despair.

    This situation will lead to or may already have produced feelings of depression, desperation or despair. There is pessimism and gloom, a feeling of there being no light at the end of the dark tunnel. You may feel desperate, and despair of ever being happy or needed again. You must move on from this experience - as painful as it may be to let it go, it will be even more painful to stay with it. Traditional routes of therapy and even medication can be effective short term solutions and should definitely be considered if depression or pain is disrupting your life. But painful feelings can only be released when they are faced, not ignored or pushed away. Brooding over a situation does not help improve it. Depression robs you of the ability to enjoy life. The only way out is through. People create suffering through the beliefs in their mind. What might you have misconstrued or imagined wrongly in this situation? Whatever you get yourself into, you can also get yourself out of through facing reality. When something is really not working, you have to move on. Don't let fear or desperation drive you into making mistakes. Your emotions are not in charge of you; you are in charge of your emotions. You are the one who decides how you feel. Avoid ending up depressed or upset or left alone by making better decisions in all areas of your life. Don’t make important choices from emotion, but by trusting your gut instincts, your intuition. Don't make impulsive decisions about other people or situations - get to know them well and be objective before making a decision. Believe you deserve the best. Being positive is vital to breaking out of emotional ruts. Become aware of those times you dwell on the negatives in your life – both real or imagined – and stop them. It takes work and persistence but if you constantly tell yourself to ‘stop it’ when you start to brood over what you don’t have, then you are building a positive habit that will change your life for the better.

    2nd card - The Card of THE LAW OF MIRACLES

    This situation calls for an understanding of the spiritual Law of Miracles. On Earth we live in a heavy vibration. This heavy vibration is subject to the Law of Karma. The Divine frequency dissolves and transmutes our lower energy, and a miracle occurs. As the worldwide consciousness rises, more and more people are accessing the Divine and consequently more people are experiencing miracles. Genuine forgiveness and unconditional love are divine energies which allow miracles to happen. Miracles are a natural result of the activation of higher energies. When you ask the angels, ascended masters or any being from the spiritual hierarchy of light to help us, you draw in the divine frequency which transcends our physical laws. Synchronicity and coincidences are forms of miracles. Spiritual forces are working behind the scenes to co-ordinate the Universe to make sure that pre-destined meetings to take place. Coincidences and synchronicities are directed by God and orchestrated by your guides and angels so that you have the opportunity of fulfilling your destiny. As your vibrations lift, you are on your true pathway. To enact the Law of Miracles, simply ask. Miracles occur when consciousness enables the light to evolve. Miracles are common place in God's world of consciousness. The sunrise and sunset create miraculous artworks in the sky. However, because they are everyday occurrences they are taken for granted. Can you imagine if the sun only rose and set one day in every 50 years? How that day would be treasured and savoured as a day of a miracle. Your life is surrounded by everyday miracles. The perfection of you and how your mind, body and spirit works is a miracle of God's creation. The conception, development and birth of a baby is a miracle. Your growth and development is a miracle. The ecological balance within the world and the adaptation of all earth's creatures is a miracle. How people transform themselves in consciousness from "bad" to "good" is a miracle. The healing, growth and evolution of you and others as you become part of God, the Source of all Miracles, is a miracle of transformation. By seeing and recognizing the miracles evolving around you, you start to connect to the possibility that miracles are possible and you can manifest miracles. Start to recognize the conscious light evolving within you, and people with whom you interact. Genuinely compliment yourself and them, for having the conscious light within and watch the miracles that emerge in your relationships with yourself and with those others. Live your life in consciousness of light evolving then - expect a miracle!

  • Thanks, Captain. This nicely confirms what I've been getting doing my own tarot readings -- basically a statement that, yes, right now things are pretty bleak, but good things are coming soon. I've been going back and forth between feeling very stressed and down about the situation, and staying calm, enjoying the little things and trusting in serendipity. I keep having to remind myself -- there's food in the pantry, gas in the car, books at the library; there's no reason to panic simply because I don't have cash available. Every now and then, though, I start to worry, so it's nice to see a confirmation of what I've been getting.

  • Consider another law - the Law of Thinking.

    The Law of Thinking is one of the most important universal laws, because by consciously applying it, your life can change instantly. When you become positive, you will no longer get unsatisfactory results or suffer from problems that you cannot overcome. This law gives you an opportunity to consciously create a life full of happiness and success. All it requires from you is to stop dwelling on negative thoughts and focus on positive thinking instead. The Law of Thinking states that whatever your main state of mind is, it will be reflected in the external world. If your thinking is mainly positive, it means that your life is quite positive and mainly positive events happen in your life. If you entertain depressing and fearful thoughts, then your external reality is a reflection of that. If you change your state of mind, you will change your reality. If you want to be rich, for example, observe wealthy people and the way they talk and think. They don’t have any limiting beliefs that prevent them from acquiring money. They don’t talk about negative things like mortgages and how bills are getting bigger or the unexpected charges from their banks - they never dwell on lack or poverty or survival-based issues. It’s not because they are rich enough to be able to avoid thinking of those things, but that their mindsets are not turned to what they lack in their lives. They’re maintaining their status of richness because they talk about the things that keep their vibration high. Dwell on lack and you will never have enough. If you’re worried that, if you dwell on the higher things in life, your life will fall to pieces because there would be no attention given to the problems at hand, relax at once. This new higher vibration you’ll get from dwelling on finer things will solve those problems very quickly, because you’ll stop giving your power to them. Try thinking about positive topics like gratitude, creativity, happiness, awe-inspiring art or music, and any beautiful and unique things. You are the reflection of your thoughts. For example, if you constantly think about being overweight, lonely, ill, jobless or broke, you become fatter, more alone, sicker, worse unemployed, or poorer. If you expect to stay this way, you will. Everything depends only on how you choose to think. Your thoughts determine the experiences that you have in life. The more you think how hopelessly overweight, lonely, ill, jobless, or broke you are and that nothing helps you get what you want, the more this is reflected into your reality. If your current thoughts produced your weight gain, love void, illness, joblessness or poverty, then choose to think the opposite thoughts and they will produce your highest goals. Your surroundings are the best measurement to show what your usual mood is. If you are an angry person, you will encounter many angry people and your surroundings will be unsatisfactory. If you are very happy, you will be surrounded by positive friends and family and your life will be full of positive experiences. By using the Law of Thinking, you will consciously create your reality, prevent yourself from getting stuck in problems, understand the causes of your current results, produce only great outcomes, and improve your health as a result of the positive state of mind. When you understand that thinking affects your external world, you will try not to entertain negative thoughts. You can do that by trying to consciously control what you are thinking about. You should not dwell on negative thoughts because they will manifest at some point in your life. Get rid of all limiting beliefs and fears, and close your mind to the damaging negative opinions and suggestions of other people. Try to dwell only on thoughts that you would like to come into your reality. The same applies to words. You should never say anything aloud that you do not want to manifest. When you try to solve a problem with frustration, you will get results that will create more frustration. If you encounter some problem and are unable to solve it, just leave it alone for a while. When you come back to it with a fresh mind, the problem may either be solved or you will be given a new way to view the situation. The reason why you cannot solve any problem with negativity is because your anger and frustration block you from seeing some of the crucial aspects of the problem that would solve it. You only see negative aspects of a situation because you are negative. If you need to solve a problem quickly and have no time to set it aside for later, then try this technique. When you encounter some problem, acknowledge exactly what kind of problem you are experiencing and completely surrender to it. You will be surprised how quickly the change will happen and that situation will be solved. This is because by understanding the situation and not resisting it, you will be in a positive or neutral state of mind. That, in turn, will give only positive energy to any action you take. Therefore, whatever way you try to solve the problem will be the right way. Some people undertake daily tasks with boredom and unhappiness. But that is why their reality is boring and unhappy. That is very easy to understand once you take a close look at the way they live. Try to catch yourself in your daily activities to assess from what state of mind you are working from. It does not only apply to the daily tasks but to your whole behaviour. If you interact with the external world being in a positive state of mind, you will not encounter any big problems and you will be in the flow of life. If you interact with external reality by resisting and fighting, you will encounter many difficulties and think that life is unfair. That is why it is true when some say that only you are responsible for your results. If you are not doing well, it is you to blame. It sounds harsh, but that is the reality. If you do not like your current situation, you can change it by changing your inner state of mind.

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