Love reading blumoon, Shuabby

  • Hi I am very confused , I have reconnected with an old friend of 30 years , I have not seen him for over 15, he is divorced I am married, but I feel something very strong, is he afraid , what is going to happen?

  • NO, you are afraid! And you should be as their are consequences to pursuing romance outside marriage. This is not judgement just it is what it is. If you are LOOKING you must deal with your marriage first.. Spouses connect with old school friends all the time without scary trepidation. You are afraid you can not trust yourself. Be more clear about what you feel....keep truth in the light. Feeling something strong is not clear. We all had youthful connections for a reason....there was an attraction. Yet not all turned into lasting love affairs.Because getting along long term is more than attraction. We broke up a lot in our youth despite strong attraction. Online in your head connections do not pass the realty test. Interactions in real life are more telling. People have ideas about themselves they share that sound pleasing but spending real life with someone often reveals a person does not see their faults and contradictions. What is going to happen with this man? Nothing without great help from your imagination. If your feeling empty right now..........heal that. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon , thank you yes I know I have to deal with my marriage first, but this other guy made me feel beautiful just by talking to me , he remembers a lot of things we did together even though we were only friends ,he kept something I gave him , and he asked if I was still married, but he said it ; he told me you are a married woman we can only be friends.... what is wrong with me?, thanks blumoon for your advice

  • Those rememberings ARE real and special but do not mean romance. When I first connected to childhood friends I was amazed at how many friends, male and female remember things in the same special way I did! That is a wonderful feeling that we do make lasting memories with others! Good for your special friend to show his character and be honest. He is a good man for not encouraging something he feels would not be right. That is a good quality in him. Nothing is wrong with you........most of us have had our weak moments. Be kind to yourself. You are a good person. BLESSINGS!

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