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    Is this you I pasted below from another post? I have no idea why I answered your post! There is something more going on than s e x issues, baby making and infected teeth? I do not wish to be unkind but you obviously need some loving advice...and to follow it. You do not make realistic sense. You are so poor your mate suffers with infected teeth but you are desperate for a baby, A baby? A baby needs more than a dentist. And you see your way out as finishing school? While trying for a baby. What is really going on? Can you explain how this all makes sense? I understand the baby making clock is ticking and desperation can cloud reason. You express four needs right now...a baby, money, a satisfying s e x life and finishing school. Prioritize and focus on what is important FIRST but mostly listen to loved ones advice. And sell your blood if you have to but get your mates teeth fixed if you indeed love him for better or worse.......practice this responsibility before you have a baby because children often require the most sacrifice. So do husband's. Please forgive my bluntness, it is not my intention to call you out to be hurtful, but I think you will solve a lot if you dig deeper and take care of yourself in a way you are avoiding. BLESSINGS!


    your post ;

    Im 35 and had 2 miscarriages this past year, I have no children as of yet. My 1st miscarriage is being blamed from detached placenta and the second one is a total mystery, Iv been assigned to a specialist and he has ordered testing. My doctors and myself included believe there may be something going with me(my health) that's causing these miscarriages. he has ordered blood tests and a ultrasound to be asap. Will these tests show anything obviously wrong? miscarriages can be difficult to diagnose but with advanced medicine it has improved greatly. My fiancé, mom and most importantly my medical team feels its responsible and wise to not become pregnant again til this is figured out. I don't have an issue with fertility, just staying pregnant

  • Hello I thank-u for your sound advice. yes I know it seems like I have a lot on my plate, I guess life doesn't operate on our schedule. My fiancé and I have called everywhere for help w/ dental bill. the extractions total $2000, we tried all the low-cost, free clinics, they requested proof of income and he was denied, said he made too much, his dad wont cosign for him to be fianced, so he got rated through our local hospital, they will do it cheaper but its 4 month wait for appointment so he has no choice but to wait. As for school I have 10 more volunteer hours to do and Im done,my graduation ceremony is in august, so now I just have to save $ to take the national exam which is coming up in 5months, in meantime I did get hired for a decent job but waiting on background checks to be processed they said it could take up to 30 days, which its aready been couple weeks. So I getting impatient to start working, not knowing when they will call. There is a lot to be done but we are working at it. Im applying at other places just in case but not sure if its a waste since my new company should be calling soon. As for my miscarriages, Im not gonna try to get pregnant until we figure out what is going on. My specialist feels strongly I need to start testing right away, because it may take some time, possibly months before we find anything conclusive. And he said the sooner I begin the process the better the chances of figuring this out, he is also taking into my account my age as well. He advised me to start some of the tests next month, so Im anxious as to what if anything we will find. it may take more testing to find the cause, but he said we need to start taking the first steps now. Which I agree, not only for a healthy pregnancy but also for my overall health, depending on what is causing these miscarriages it could also be something that could effect my health in other ways, or an untreated issue could lead to infertility. Yes there a lot of issues, most are time sensitive, all are vital important things that need to be tackled. and every day, I do whatever I can to address them, I am studying for national exam, I was calling my company every other day, (until they said just wait and they will call me when it comes in lol). I think the most frustrating thing is waiting for work, cause making money is going to help with a lot but Im stuck in a waiting game, applying for other jobs but no responses in meantime.

  • But won't a pregnancy stop you from launching your vet career? It's like you are impatient to do everything at once.

  • Im not trying to get pregnant yet. I first have to figure out what is wrong with me, and why I keep miscarrying. The doctors say its vital that we figure that asap. first things first. so by the time that is taking care of, and when I do decide its time to try again, it would be at least a year before a baby comes, I will be in my career long before that. Yes ideally it would be nice to have everything in place beforehand, and I will try to do so, so Im established in my field. It could years before Im considered a veteran in my field, but My doctor and I agreed that starting a family when Im in my forties is not recommended. I will be 36 this year, and I feel it is time. Ideally I should got into this field when I was in my twenties, but I made the mistake of going to a community college and wasting time and money getting nowhere. So here I am, about to graduate in less then 2 months. my schooling is done and now just have to take the national exam.

  • With all other issues aside, first and foremost is the job Im waiting on now. I was hired at a home care agency, and they told me it could be up to 30 day wait for the background checks to come in. which it will be 30 days by next Monday give or take a day or two. So Im wondering will they call me soon? in meantime Iv put putting in online applications for the last 3 months but no responses at all! Right now the only thing Im impatient for is work. Do you see finally starting my shifts with my new company within the next or so?

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