Would someone kindly do me a love reading; whatever comes up.

  • Hello,

    I’d appreciate a love reading please.

    Thank you,


  • Can you put your request in the form of a specific question about your love life please?

  • Thanks Captain. I have feelings for two very different men, and would like some insights – beyond my own thoughts and impressions – as to whether a future is possible with either one of them. I have stronger feelings for one, but the other is a kinder person. Question: Do I have a future with either one of these men? If yes, which one?

  • Could I have their first names or some way to distinguish between them, say their star signs or birthdates? Man A and Man B seems a bit stiff. 🙂

  • Certainly! Kind Virgo and interesting Cancer.

  • I asked your guides to choose cards for the outcome that could be expected from a romantic committment with each of this men.

    The card for kind Virgo - The Card of Discontent, Frustration, and Restlessness.

    This situation is or will become one of dissatisfaction and a desire to change one’s circumstances.

    The card for interesting Cancer - The Card of Negativity, Self-Pity, Darkness, and Immorality.

    This may be a situation where caution and even retreat would be the wiser course. You must decide from accessing your intuition how to proceed.

    Sorry Daysaremine, the cards seem to be advising that neither of these men are right for you.

  • Oh no. Thank you so much. May I also ask whether my guides see a suitable man in my future?

  • The cards cannot answer yes or no, so I asked "what is Daysaremine's romantic future?" The cards predict the events of your future if you stay on this same road or stick to the same attitude. If you don't like what they predict, you need to make some changes to your approach to the situation.

    Your card is -

    The Card of Grief, Sorrow, and Loss

    In this situation, someone is or will be experiencing a loss of something or someone very dear to them. Losses that may lead to grief include the death or separation of a family member or friend, loss of a job/home/relationship, loss of self-esteem and self-respect, death or loss of a beloved pet, betrayal (real or imagined) or abandonment by someone trusted, or any number of other changes in life such as divorce, becoming an "empty nester," or retirement. There is much sorrow and grieving, an inability to let go and to hope again. The grief can be so all-encompassing that it shuts everyone else out and prevents the grieving person from connecting with the love and support they might need at this time. It may appear to family and friends that the person has gotten over their grief, even while they might be despairing inside. There may be a fear of ever becoming so emotionally invested again or having everything ripped away just when there was so much happiness and rightness - a fear of the same situation repeating.

  • Thank you very much! Clearly something needs to change. I will reflect on these words. Bless you.

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