Astra Please can I have a reading

  • I would like to know will I be moving any time soon from the location I am living right now? There is so many problems with my living situation that I don't know what to do.

  • Hi lovelifelive

    I took a look at your question and it doesn't really look like a physical move just yet to me - although something nice physically seems to be developing for you - I went through a rather involved process below (my usual technique) to analyze your situation so that is pasted below for you


    I want to help a friend I know who is wondering about whether she will be moving soon - so lets follow exactly the same process above and see what shows up

    Her present Setting:

    a 28 theta gamma (move-share) (8G)

    b 54 xi (part) (N) // parent theme 'part/s'


    (1) 21 (release) above: 49 iota (I) // parent theme 'complete'

    (2) 2 (play) beneath: 12 beta-beta (2B)

    (3) 11 (turn) left: 46 zeta (F) // parent theme 'relate'

    (4) 1 (begin) right: 37 eta-delta (7D)

    (5) 4 (nurture) below right: 34 delta-delta (4D)

    (6) 3 (share) setting b right: 2 beta-alpha (2A)

    (7) 7 (dream) setting a right:55 omicron (O) // parent theme 'merge'

    (8) 9 (complete) above right: 39 iota-delta (9D)

    The question is:

    (a) move-share a(b)out part(s)

    (You are left with the components { parts } of life in this present setting - there is no story although there is a lot of communication)

    (then we will pick up our random eight labels from above and these will act as parent themes around each placement)

    1 release { complete }

    2 play { play-play } // very emphatic

    3 turn { relate }

    4 begin { dream-nurture }

    5 nurture { nurture-nurture } // very emphatic

    6 share { play-begin }

    7 dream { merge }

    8 complete { complete-nurture }

    Her setting presently is active communication (8Ga) connected with"parts" (Xi-b) - so she is talking about the parts of her setting (life as parts and pieces more than story and cohesiveness)

    Her present top of mind concern is "release" in completion themes - which sounds like her active thoughts are about release-freedom-liberty in connection with a parent them of completions = so it could be that something about her present setting is in fact completed and she is desiring release from that

    Her subconscious concern is a very emphatic "play play play" interest so that would tend to reflect her unconscious realm is very focused in play-house-feelings and fun in a general sense - that is her deepest desire

    Her recent experience appears to be a turning related to social-relational areas which would say that something has been turning around or changing in a social setting

    What is immediately ahead is beginning of dream-nurture (dream-physical) which would tend to be a dreamy-love physical result of setting - so something "physically" is developing that is dream-love-spirit related (in some sort of tangible way)

    Her next setting is

    (a) dream merge a(b)out play-begin which is like saying "a dreamy-love blending or merging in connection with path agreement and play - so she is moving from a setting of communication about parts to a merging about play paths - which sounds like an improvement to me

    Her top of mind consciousness is in a complete complete-physical-nurture concern - so she is "thinking" about a completed pattern of results in her life which would seem to be the "new" physical setting - so she has transitioned from

    release of complete



    Subconscious awareness is in a nurture-nurture-nurture combination which is extremely emphatic as regards a dependable and solid physical foundation in her unconscious awareness - so her deep desires have transitioned from "play play play" to "nurture nurture nurture" which would lend support to a new physical setting where unconscious concerns are to really nurture this setting

    There are no real movement indicators here though - the only instance of theta (move) is in her present setting and the approaching influence is more of a "dream" within physical settings rather than "move" within physical settings - it could be that her present setting improves and allows her the fun fun fun she is after so she switches gears and begins to nurture whatever foundations are around her and tries to blend more - merges do not usually move and twos are not really movement focused they are trying to play within existing alpha patterns (path-role-intent patterns)

    My guess is that there is no move in store yet - however there is something of a dreamy physical nature developing for her anyway that has a strong unconscious physical foundation to it

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