Am I an Empath or what I am?? Please Help

  • Hi Everyone:)

    I need your help to understand why something keep happening to me

    There is a high chance I am an empath but the description just different and something major missing on the description of it that make me doubt I am an empath but I am something else I cant put the name on it

    For many years , since I was young, I am able to tell with precision when someone got an illness , especially illness related to emotions, mental illness and emotional blockage.

    Very quickly I am able to walk in , usually at night and become the person and see where the emotion or damage was done and cause of it

    Usually my connection in the so called dream will always be with the "child" the person has the child not the actual adult I meet in my present time.

    Very quickly without knowing the medical name before I am be able to say this person has this mental illness and usually I confront them with my finding and surprising most people I spoken to are now in some sort therapy and yes they had the issue they needed to deal with.

    After the person start doing the work on themselves I usually disconnect

    What I am? Why this is about?

    I never wonder why I got this until recently this happen again but this time I fall on the name : Empath

    I never wonder there were anything strange why I knew about all those people issues when they was not aware of it themselves.

    The connection is not painful about the experience but painful to disconnect because they are usually my love partners

    I never once find strange how did I know about it or question this until now

    This happen continuously in my life

    The reason I doubt I am an empath is the people that said they are empath report to be able to connect to others by their feeling or how they feel

    This is not what I am doing through

    I connected with an events that damaged this person or an emotional blockage and from there connect to all the reason and cause of this person and also their actually feeling and thoughts in the time.

    I get some sort message to tell the person and some people have find my messages too much and too disturbing at once but later recongise them its just too much for them to hear it at once

    for me I just say it without thinking for them it reasonate a lot

    They asked me how you know about this and that?

    I just dont know and never thought there were anything strange about it to be honest.

    Now I wonder for the first time How did I actually know

    Other things are many people just come from nowhere speaking to me and from whatever the exchange get they said I helped them see or understand things in way noone have done for them before.

    In meantime I feel lonely, in pain to connect with others, I dont trust them and I start to no trust the message I feel about other I need to give

    I closed myself inside

    I now feel any partners that going to come to my life, are not going to come because of me , to love me but because someone out there want them to get healing.

    I feel terribly lonely and sad

    I am looking for love and For the past 2 years keep meeting men that get involved with me but chasing another women or telling me about another women

    the latest guy got involved with me, i trusted hime after we got involved he told me he still with his girlfriend but somehow in some sort talk with her and also he met another girl his going to go on holiday with in two months

    In meanwhile I felt the pain

    I discover he had an issue too, childhood issues and I have now referee him to therapy but I am in pain, I thought I had a partner

    and lost love again

  • I want to understand what is it that ability that I got maybe if I can name it I can work around how to manage it better

  • To be an empath is the greatest gift of all. however, to answer your question...

    If you're empathic, does not make you a psychic.

    If you're psychic, does not naturally make you empathic.

    one trait does not have to do with the other.

    Many psychics are not always an empath, but they make excellent readers due to being

    objective during a reading. Being emotional or an empath can cloud your clarity when reading

    for someone else.

    that's why it's hard to read for yourself. becoming too attached or too emtionally attachedj to a situation can cloud your judgment.

    when you read for someone you are emotionally attached will not have the same results as reading for someone you're not close with.

    for example.. my girlfriend comes to me to ask for a reading on her current boyfriend she's having issues with. Well, I've met the boyfriend, and from the get go, I do not like him at all.

    It would not be fair to her or myself, because I can't possibly do a reading objectively and give her an honest assessment because of my emtional attachment to not liking her boyfriend.

    She is better off seeking a reader she does not know or never met before... in that way, the reader does not care one way or another.

    as for you contining to seek out men that are immature, shallow, and lack empathy for you.

    this is the advice you need to adhere to and make those changes you are so afraid of changing yourself first.

    change your social outlets. they're toxic and are not your friends, and the men you're meeting are really boys and not real men. they may look like real men, but inside are shallow selfish idiots.

    Things change when you have changed. Everything around you will change providing you have really changed. until you change your ways, your toxic social life, nothing will ever change until YOU CHANGE FIRST>

    Good luck

  • Thank you so much I completely agree with you

    Thank you

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