• Hi Blmoon ~ I really enjoy reading your straightforward yet gentle insights on here. I knew someone fourty years ago when I was fifteen. He seems to be where I am all the time. We circle around eachother. We haven't talked out of respect for our spouses or fear of the unknown. The world says we can't talk & I say we can, we may not be here tomorrow. I have lost enough friends my age. I have only good intention & I am not bored. He was a good, kind person & very respectful. I was comfortable with him & I always thought we would be best friends all our life. Can you give me some insight to what & if we said hi & actually had a conversation. It is said to let go of the past & I feel like learn from the past & cherish the memories. If you Love someone unconditionally you will always want to know they are well & happy. Love & Blessings ~D

  • Blmoon Wow I am feeling the same I have reconnected with somebody that I went out with in 1978 over 30 years ago I am married, he is divorced but I am feeling something that I have not felt in a long time > W hat do I do??? please I need some insights, thank you

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