Hi Captain! May I ask for a reading

  • Hi Captain, you’ve been a strong guide for me the past few years and it seems like I might need your help once again. This is a two part question and I hope that is okay!

    I’ve started this relationship with a guy who was at the time in a relationship with someone else. There were a lot of outside factors but being together caused us both a lot of pain, and it ultimately ended up with him ending his relationship with his partner and the two of us moving forward.

    All is grand, until someone from his past suddenly shows up and I feel like the two of them might have a strong emotional and physical connection. We have a lot of common interests and a strong bond, but insecurity has started to rear its ugly head. Is there any guidance you can offer?

    My birthday is May 13th 1988 and his is April 13th 1986.

    The second part relates to my current job situation. I can’t seem to find anything and I’m worried that if I don’t soon my time in California could be limited and I’ll be forced to move out of state.

    Thank you for any tarot guidance you can offer!


  • Bryan, your partner is at his happiest and best when he is in a stable, loving relationship with someone who understands his need for independence and privacy within a relationship and who can keep up with his fast pace. To get really close to you, however, he needs to work on easing back on his fast pace because you are the more slow and steady type and may feel left behind at times. He needs to resist his tendency to hide away when his feelings overwhelm him because if he doesn’t find ways to manage these feelings, he can easily spiral into depression or depression-related illnesses, such as eating disorders or self-harm. He must also make sure he doesn’t use his intense need for privacy as an excuse to avoid personal responsibilities and commitments. Because your partner values his solitude, often feeling the need to withdraw from scrutiny, especially when working on a project, he can often come across as remote, distant or in extreme cases even weird. But the truth is that he is a highly sensitive individual with a need for solitude in which to re-energise and cope with life. He is not someone who actively seeks out the company of others because he is essentially a very private soul, and he prefers to connect with the world and make his mark through his work. He does however derive great satisfaction from the comfort and support of a few close friends and family, preferably those who can respect his need to withdraw, who validate his vision and who provide him with support when his ideas are criticized. He is often torn between his wish to be connected to another person and the strength he finds in his independence. He also may have some trust issues concerning whether anybody will be there for him the way he is for others (because of his compassion and his 'hero' complex, he tends to gravitate towards needy, dependent or helpless cases) .

    You and your partner have a good relationship for friendship, but it may be harder to make it into a long term romantic commitment. The two of you need to be able to establish a stable and focused foundation for it to work out. Although focused ambition is something you each have trouble with, together you have the ability to make your dreams happen. To do so however, you must overcome the differences in your natures and outlooks, and come to agree.

    Not that you argue and fight so much, it's just that it's hard for you to find goals that are equally important to both of you. Once you do, it should be easy for you to achieve a successful partnership. You two can have great times as either friends or lovers. You both have a sense of humour and love group activities, and your relationship can be exciting, vibrant and colourful. Your partner however must not be put in the position of giving too much, sacrificing his own comfort to a more irresponsible partner because he will come to resent it. Marriage here can have trouble attaining stability; differences in values, goals and philosophy can prove more divisive and prohibitive in a committed relationship. One solution can be a free or open marriage in which each person pursues his own idiosyncratic lifestyle, committing to the form of marriage without accepting its limitations. This however would sit better with your partner than with you who likes more commitment and security.

    Bryan, concerning your career, I am getting the message to 'go smaller'. Does that mean anything to you? I also drew a card from my Advice pack too, asking your guides what you should do about your career.

    Your card is -

    The Card of The Law of Discipline

    In this situation, you are called on to explore the nature of discipline and apply it to your life. Those of us who value freedom, self-sufficiency, and independence tend to enjoy a wide range of experiences and to touch down lightly in many fields of endeavour. We may have issues with and resistance to repetitive or routine tasks. Some people regard discipline as a chore, yet it has a kind of order that can set us free to fly. We may see discipline and freedom as opposites if we perceive discipline as limiting or forcing us to do something we don’t really like doing, such as daily exercise or skipping dessert - the sort of thing that requires will and commitment to accomplish. Freedom on the other hand implies a lack of boundaries or restriction, keeping our options open, and remaining spontaneous. Yet discipline is the surest means to greater freedom and independence; it provides the focus to achieve the skill level and depth of knowledge that translates into more options in life. The Law of Discipline points to a paradox. While freedom is our transcendent birthright, it must be earned in this world; discipline is the key and applies to both inner and outer freedom. Although our outer life may appear to include many freedoms, we are not free inside; many of us feel enslaved to a whirling, churning, runaway mind full of desires, worries or negative images. The focus and discipline of many inner practices, such as meditation, exploring our beliefs and other insight work, can generate a sense of inner freedom and peace, breaking the chains of the mind. Outer freedom expands as a result of disciplined effort over time; such freedoms may include the financial freedom associated with excellence in any field, greater mobility, the ability to travel; the freedom that comes with a strong healthy body; the social freedom, self-respect, and satisfaction that come from disciplined labour; and in general having more options in life. Discipline is a habit of doing just a little more, going just a little deeper, staying with something, pushing through it. Discipline recognizes that boredom means we’re just starting ‘to get it’. Freedom involves more than the ability to experience many things; what we gain in breadth, we may lose in depth. Bit if we focus our energies and persist through boredom, we don’t just go into experience, we go through it; in the process, we learn far more about ourselves and our capacities than if we treat our lives as some sort of sampler course. The Law of Discipline teaches us to set priorities and focus on one thing at a time until we get it right - focusing on the activities we need to do now and setting aside what we can do later. Commitment involves discipline over time. Our goals in life may take the necessary preparation, whether it’s schooling that feels only partly relevant, or the detail and sometimes drudgery to get a professional degree, or the sacrifices of time and energy we have to make, maybe while raising children, when we could just kick back and enjoy more leisure time instead. The secret to getting through this ‘swamp’ is having a goal that inspires - a goal that fills us with a sense of purpose. The goal needs to be specific - “making good money” isn’t enough - we need to visualise what that money will buy, the pleasure it will bring us, and maybe how we will be able to help other people with it. When we find a goal that shines brightly enough for us, it shines like a beacon that draws us through the swamp, reminding us of what’s waiting at the other end. We may be able to postpone discipline in our lives, but in the end we cannot avoid it. Sooner or later, if we want to get anywhere or do anything in depth, we have to practice self-discipline, since discipline and commitment provide the bridge between here and our goals.

    Your numerology tells me that this year is not a year for making great career advancements but for exploring your own nature and goals through reflection and contemplation. It will be a fairly quiet year for you but you must hang in there, for in 2015 your career and life will take off in the best working year you have had for a long time. 2014 is a year of introspection and preparation, a time to analyze your thoughts and actions, and pursue studies of an intellectual or metaphysical nature that interest you. During this year you will want to explore life's deeper truths, either looking into philosophical matters or studying natural sciences. You will find yourself better able to solve problems now, and can come to a greater awareness of your full potential. Let things come to you in 2014, as this is a year when thoughts and ideas materialize. It is a good year to carry out plans that don't require involvement from others, and a year to guard your personal "alone" time, so as to avoid feeling irritable. A time to get "centered", you may find that at times during this year you feel a bit lonely and left out. The main lesson is to learn to be alone without being lonely. By the end of this year, you will likely be in a position to handle life with greater insight and efficiency.

    Good luck to you!

  • Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been really sick recently and haven't been putting my full attention on other things. Thank you for the insight on my relationship and my career in 2014, and I hope it turns out well on all fronts!

    Have a blessed 2014, Captain!

  • You're very welcome!

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