Astra or Shuabby Reading please

  • I would like to know will I be moving any time soon from the location I am living right now? There is so many problems with my living situation that I don't know what to do.

  • Lovelifelive

    I feel that you need to make more effort in finding a better location to live. If you need financial help , please step up and ask for it. Conditions are only temporary for you. I do feel a move and I see water like an ocean or huge body of water here. I feel the residence will be small yet accommodating. Blue rooms is what I see also for you. Two bedrooms in the dwelling in which you will live.

    Sand under your feet is what I feel. Have you been in a bad relationship and left it behind? I feel walls around you emotional and the name of a man Harvey or Harry comes in here and he is a guide to help you along your way at this time.

    22 is in the address in which you may be moving or nearby on a building.

    Pray and ask for help as I feel your angels are around you and want to help you.


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