Would really appreciate if someone would do a reading!!

  • i met this guy a long time ago who keeps coming in and out of my life. the thing is he was in a 5 year relationship and the girl ended it with him and it crushed him to pieces. now he is scared to commit yet to someone in case it happens again. i would like to know will we ever have that commitment? i have dated many guys but none compare to him. i connected with him the first time we met. i am 29 years old and its my first time to really fall in love with someone that much it scares me. i would really like if someone could help me as it is eating me up inside.

  • He is not at all crippled by his broken heart. It's just an excuse you'd rather believe in. He is not commitment orientated. And he is just fine with his choice. Coming and going is his nature. He may seem real in the moment because that's YOUR desire. He enjoys his freedom and has no reason to change. His long term relationship was not what you imagine. She put up with a lot and she too hoped for change but she did most the work in the relationship and just gave up with much hurt and bitterness she started another relationship to ease the rejection she felt. She wanted more but he liked having her loyalty and loved her but he could not be counted on. I doubt you will accept this as I'm sure others have told you to let this crush go. He is not going to live up to your dreams and you read too much into his suggestions of more that are not real. He thinks your nice and doesn't see himself doing harm as he does tell you he is not looking for a commitment. Believe him! You need to be living a REAL life and as long as you pine away for him you are missing opportunities that are real. Be kind to yourself and quit cold turkey and do not see this man.....you can not be happy just as friends. Keep your heart safe by keeping your head in TRUTH. Choose love....and he is not the one. Love yourself enough to not be eaten up inside. You can stop this. BLESSINGS!

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