I would appreciate if someone could do a love reading for me!!!!

  • i met this guy a long time ago who keeps coming in and out of my life. the thing is he was in a 5 year relationship and the girl ended it with him and it crushed him to pieces. now he is scared to commit yet to someone in case it happens again. i would like to know will we ever have that commitment? i have dated many guys but none compare to him. i connected with him the first time we met. i am 29 years old and its my first time to really fall in love with someone that much it scares me. i would really like if someone could help me as it is eating me up inside.

  • Rebeccaf, what is the state of your relationship with this guy - has he ever indicated to you that he wants to pursue a romance with you or are you just wishful thinking? How does he behave and speak when he is around you? It's good to be determined about your goals as long as they are realistic ones, but there is also a time for moving on if you truly cannot achieve what you want.

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