Anyone love reading please

  • I need to know if this reconnection will evolve into anything thanks

  • I drew a card from my Advice pack, asking what will be the outcome of this reconnection.

    Your card is -

    The Card of Immorality, Wickedness, Corruption, Abuse and Degradation

    There is a dangerous situation of severe physical and/or emotional abuse, immorality or degradation surrounding you. It is not simply bad behaviour - it is a corruption of the body and soul. Wicked sociopathic people are morally loose and don’t care about anyone but themselves. They don’t feel positive emotions and look for reasons to hate on you, to try to destroy your life or make you as miserable as they are, in any way they can. You may be either the abused or the abuser or even just a witness. Emotional abuse can take a variety of forms from lying, cheating and infidelity, humiliating jokes to degrading comments, and it's not always easy to identify. It is important to recognize the signs, and remove emotionally abusive behaviour from your relationships. Common forms of abuse or degradation include: humiliation, invalidation and criticism - you feel like you're constantly being put-down, judged, or told that you're being too sensitive;

    domination, control and shame - you feel infantilized, and you find yourself asking "permission" to engage in regular activities;

    denial and unreasonable demands - the other person cannot accept blame or apologize, and he or she consistently denies or embellishes facts;

    isolation and neglect - you're subjected to the "silent treatment," and denied affection or attention as punishment;

    co-dependence - your personal boundaries are consistently violated, and the other person relies on you as their sole emotional support.

    It is important to realize what is happening and put a stop to it, either by leaving the situation or avoiding the psychopathic person/people altogether, or calling in the authorities or getting some form of help. Sociopaths want to use you, your loved ones, your resources and your connections. To get them out of your life, have nothing to offer. If what they want is your money, keep your money in places where they cannot find out about it. Create the impression that you do not have a lot of money and that your friends and family do not have a lot of money. If they want power, create the impression that you are not/no longer youll connected. If they want to use you, make yourself undesirable so they are no longer interested in you. If they want to use your resources, make them unavailable or render them unreliable so they no longer want to use them. If they want to make you vulnerable, do not show any fear even in the face of verbal or physical abuse. Remain calm but do not speak to them - get away and seek help to remove the person from your life.

  • Correction - the line should be "If they want power, create the impression that you are not/no longer well connected."

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