For Watergirl

  • Hello Watergirl,

    My apologies for answering Blmoon on your post, I didn't mean to, I just clicked on the wrong thread.


  • Chill sunshine, Watergirl is very psychic! She gets it. I have spent lots of self talk for two days NOT to be a guilt gatherer! The best I can do is be aware of it. I actually felt guilty that after my accident I did not take care of my beloved pets enough and then one dies?! We ALL need to be more compassionate to ourselves and quit trying to be so perfect! You made me smile! You are a good person and no one owns a thread, people are free to ignore anything that does not interest them....I used to get reprimanded a lot for posting on threads that had possessive ownership .......whatever.....see what a "bad girl" I am right now?! You addressed this to Watergirl and I jumped in. Spirit does not have human rules. Both you and Wate girl have eased my pain today and allowed me to see outside myself. BLESSINGS!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Blmoon is right - no ownership of threads here as it is a public forum so NO WORRIES!

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