Captain maybe we can help.

  • Hello Captain,

    My sisters friends cousin little girl was found missing from her bedroom 18 months ago. I just found out she's still missing. No suspects. There's a family member that may have some information about this but hired an attorney to defend his/her silence. They haven't labeled this as an abductions or if she may still be alive. They have very little evidence, small amount of blood on the floor and a neighbor "kind" of herd men whispering around the area where the little girls bedroom window is at. Her name is, I.C

    I believe you can help somehow..? How can I help, if I can..


  • Can you talk the family member into giving up the information they have?

  • I mean if you know the family well, that is? Otherwise the connection is too distant for you to be involved or helpful.

  • I do feel however that there will be a result for this situation soon.

  • I only know from what the media says and according to the media, this family me member hired an attorney so no one can confront this family member for questions. They live in a different state as I do, but I'm willing to think out do the box and act on it.

  • Correction, *out side the box

  • Just read the other response.. I have No connection to the family

  • I know the little girls aunt and uncle that live in the same state as I do.

  • Well, what if I encourage them to chat with you.. ?

  • No, I don't feel I should interfere in this - there will be a break through made by the police in their own right.

  • Hi Captain,

    I've been thinking about this little girl Isabella Colice that is still missing. I have no connection with the family, my sister is friends with the little girls aunt that lives outside of California. There has always been rumors that the little girls dad might know where she is, who has her. It seems apperant that the cousin who took off days after the abduction to Mexico knows soemthing considering he hired a attorney so no one can ask him any questions. A year ago or so the police and investigators found a survalance video from a store not to far from the little girls house that might be showing 3 men with a little girl walking on the street in the middle of the night. Might be connected to this case they say. She hasn't been found yet dead or alive... terrible to know these type of things go on..

    Just sharing with you Captain. I hope your day is going well.


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