Should i expect positive outcome?

  • dear readers,

    i have applied for a job at HCL and wondering if this company will call me for an interview and hire me afterwards? should i expect something fruitful out of it or it's futile to think of them hiring me?

    i have been applying for jobs constantly. i have hopes on this one because they don't need any specific background. they will first train people for the tool that employees will be working on later. it requires traveling too. so the work will involve going to different client sites and working on the tool.

    what is the likelihood of me getting this job? or should i look elsewhere?

    your inputs will be greatly appreciated my friends!



  • You should always expect a positive outcome in everything you do. That if you don't get one job, it may lead to another or make room for a better opportunity. If you go around expecting the worst, that is what you will get.

  • thanks for the insight thecaptain! i am trying to be positive, it's just sometimes this frustration takes over my being and i feel really helpless. i don't know what i am doing wrong.

    do you mean something else is on it's way career wise? at least can you tell me from which sector my job will be coming from?

    i am also planning to get enrolled in a certification course within next 2 weeks. do you think that will serve me well and help in finding a better job?

    i am now thoroughly confused because despite of having high educational qualification i am not able to get hold of a job. and the certification courses i am planning to do will put me on an altogether different track which indirectly means that i wasted my time earning the degrees i did several years ago. but at this time after having seen failure in the job search i feel i have no other option but to change my field of interest and learn some new skills that could make me marketable and help me find a job. do you think its a step in right direction?

    i really have become overstimulated and exhausted from this search for looking in the dark!!! i soooooo feel the need to take rest and let my senses rejuvenate so they can feel life again.

    thank you so much for your positive inputs.

  • What type of job do you really want to get? What is your passion?

  • And if you give me your birthdate, I will look into your astrological and numerolgical profiles to see if I can tell what sort of job would suit you best.

  • hi thecaptain! thanks for considering to look into my chart.i know what i want to do. i want to work with people one on one,help them deal with their problems so they are able to cut their mind's cobwebs and start living their life comfortably.

    that is something that i want to pursue as a long term career. but i cannot get that opportunity right now as i have been out of work for a decade. no one is willing to hire me because of this. if i get a job i will be able to learn new skills and by making money i can use it in higher studies in the area of work i am interested in doing. this is the reason i am very much focussed on getting my foot in there and get a feel of commercial dob is feb 11,1980.

    if i get the job i have mentioned i will earn good salary. i am not against learning software. i am a quick learner and proficient in working on various other tools. i just wish i get a job and get started.

    do you think i will land a job within next 2 months? if not, i will get myself enrolled for a certification right away, as i have explored few options and and willing to learn courses that go by my current educational qualification.

    thank you so much for helping me out here. this is greatly appreciated!!!

  • Aceofcups, from your profile I can see you feel you were sent to this world for one purpose only; to improve the lives of those around you. In your mind, both people and things are always in need of improvement or an upgrade. You have an earnest quality about you, and an energy and drive that makes others want to learn from you. You also have a talent for invention and enjoy finding new ways to make life easier for others around you. You do this not for material benefit or even recognition but because you believe that the less stress and discomfort people have, the more they can devote themselves to more meaningful and spiritual pursuits.

    Although you prefer to motivate by example rather than words, you have a knack for making others feel good about themselves. Your curious and inventive mind means you have a great need for intellectual stimulation; your absorption in a project or social group should not, however, make you neglect close personal relationships. Thinking of yourself as an improver and educator, you should understand that not everyone always appreciates or wants your help. Some people like to work out for themselves what will make their life easier and they may get resentful if another person tries to point things out, especially if they do so in a blunt manner. It is important for you to develop tact, intuition, and sensitivity toward others. Fortunately for you, between the ages of nineteen and thirty-eight, there is an emphasis on emotional sensitivity; but after the age of thirty-nine, your directness toward others will take center stage. It will be more important than ever that you learn to channel this directness positively and sensitively at this time. With your inventive mind and sharp insight into what a situation or a person needs, there is little doubt that you will (as long as you can master the art of diplomacy) make a mark on the world by helping and educating others.

    Careerwise, maybe you should consider self-employment since you are really a born inventor. How about pulling out some of those old ideas and brushing them off? You might just have something somebody needs. That would be incredibly helpful to others. You need to step out of the idea that you have to be 'in the room' in order to help people. A good idea can be of enormous benefit in making lives easier. You tend to be attracted toward any career that involves education, or personal and social development. You are creative and progressive, and would make a great computer programmer, teacher, or architect. In business, employers will appreciate your willingness to embrace new ideas and you also work well as an advisor, specialist, or freelancer. Alternatively, you may devote yourself to charity work, or psychology, philosophy, or spirituality where you can make a real difference to people’s lives. Your strength, persistence, common sense and courage can take you as far as you want to go, as long as you are willing to go through a step-by-step process to get there. This is not a lifetime where cutting corners or taking shortcuts will pay off for you. You have to be methodical, organized and practical (though at the moment I feel you are allowing stress and worry to scatter your mind and energies).

    Healthwise, you may often find it tough to understand why people don’t agree with your point of view; this can cause you considerable psychological stress. The support of a partner, family and friends will help you work through this problem, but you may also benefit from counseling. There is also a danger that your love for the high life can lead to weight problems and sexual adventures that can be damaging to your health. Although you may find a healthy diet and regular exercise routine difficult to maintain, you need to understand the strong links between mental, emotional and physical health. Meditating on an amethyst crystal or wearing or surrounding yourself with the colour violet will help keep your mood balanced and your step lively.

    2014 for you is all about illumination and learning. This is a time in which you will experience much soul growth and you will be called upon to give of yourself, your time, your talents, and your insights. This is a very spiritual year for you and it is best to channel your energy into some artistic or spiritual endeavour. Your intuition should be humming this year, with revelations, visions, and psychic illuminations. 2014 brings with it inspired thinking, originality, and inventiveness. Sometime in this year there will be unexpected associations or unexpected break-ups. This year may bring you opportunities to gain prominence in some way. You may find yourself in the limelight and in a favourable position to launch a new product, invention, or service. Definitely a "Go for it" year!

  • omg! this resonates so well with how i am! exactly! i do want to serve and social work at some point in future. i am interested in volunteering at the moment and i do it now and then.

    but majorly as you have stated i want to help people deal with life issues, burdens and help them in understanding themselves as stronger and better individuals because as i see society generally doesn't let people be the way they are. these outside pressures create so much mental stress and ultimately lead to health problems, both physical and psychological.

    i do am experiencing rebirth sort of as i am going through purging phase and i feel there is so much that i have to learn so i can contribute better. you are right that sometimes in the process of helping people i end up being very blunt and it brings negativity in the relationships and i have observed it already some times. it seems i am programmed in a way that if i see people doing anything that disrespects/cuts life i get agitated and very disturbed. i feel they should not do it and it ends up making my relationships with them strained because this is true that everyone learns at their own pace and i don't have to react on each and every such situation bluntly.

    friends and family generally don't understand me and i have always had conflicts with them in my life, no matter what the topic of discussion is. i think differently from almost everyone around me. this makes me feel the need to get in touch with like minded people because i feel lonely and left out at times, and it affects my health negatively.

    definitely it's a period of soul growth, i can see it happening inside out. i was never a person whose beliefs and motivations were the same as i have today. and i am loving it thoroughly. i'll try to keep everything in mind you said about health and other issues.

    what can i say? it is gist of my being that is just spot on! super loved this reading. and love you for spending time on writing it in such detail. it's like you did that to me what i want to do in life:))))

    i feel soo light and relaxed. cannot thank you enough for this gesture. all i can send your way is many blessings and love!!!!

    we all out here love you thecaptain!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Our life lessons help us help others with similar problems - your family and friends don't understand you and you want to help other people understand themselves better. Difficulties you are experiencing now will help you in the future to give good advice to others.

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