• Hi, here again...Offering a few readings or channeling. I'm a psychic medium and tarot reader.

  • Hi Daliolite:), just wanted to say it's good to see you back here.:)

  • Hi daliolite how are you? Can I have a reading just whatever you pick up.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Moonalisa, Thank you!

  • Sagitariusgurl6, Dramas and moving forward. Realizing that which is child's play. I'm getting a financial situation w/heartbreak attached to it. There's a tendency to cling to what's familiar. Your reading is speaking of a break-up and also a parting in friends and assoc. Totally starting over. Feels like you don't want to listen to advice that's being given. It's a real challenge to move forward. My advice is to get into what makes you feel comfortable, start small. In order to accomplish, you must abandon. Focus on what's important for you and family. Meditative--what is REALLY important. Don't think of everything that could happen. Being in control of your own ship. Realizing what's important and accepting your life as it is and will be. The value of a new foundation/rock to base your own beliefs and values--3 of coins/hermit/page of coins. Realizing your self-worth and seeing yourself as an asset willl deliver you from heartache and life's dramas--3 of swords situation/page of coins in outcome. Seems like there's a certain amount of failure to see some things as they truly are--4 of cups foundation/7 of cups in blocks.

    Saw a child before I got on here. Is everything alright.

  • dmick59,

    Yes--check back w/me.

  • Hello daliolite I see you speak of a break up I don't know what break-up because I haven't been in a relationship in the past almost 2 years. I am having financial issues right now. I don't know what child you might have seen. I do have a daughter might be her?

  • Hi there! I hope you don't mind if I ask for a reading, or whatever your intuition tells you. I'm feeling really bummed out about romance and I was wondering if you could give me some insight.

    I'd be happy to read for you in return 🙂

  • Sagittariusgurl6, Has there been words w/others--harsh words. Has your daughter been sick or some medical issue. Don't want to freak you out. Child is coming forward. An image nothing major as far as detail.

  • SG6, Possibly another child someone elses?

  • Hi Daliolite,

    So glad to see you here 🙂

    Hope everything is well.

    When you get the chance, may I have a reading? Anything that you pick up is fine.


  • No I haven't argue with no one so no harsh words. No my daughter hasn't been sick. I am surrounded by kids I have my nephews and niece and the family I spend a lot of time with has multiple kids maybe it's one of them.

  • IMelizabeth, A reading would be great. I have dmick ahead and then yours.

  • Sgurl6, This would be an infant. Perhaps a pregnancy even.

  • Dmick59,

    Ok, like any reading, there's several things going on at once so I'll try to make sense of it. Avoid dysfunctional relationships. Don't get drawn into. Real tendency here to meet the wrong one. It's like you're around or in the midst of this person. You may tend to view yourself as a martyr when all you really have to do is stand back and let things play-out--if you can relate. Relationships have really been a block for you. Succeeding when you take a totally different approach. Waiting and caution can only benefit you. Love reached a peak and something happened in the past. I feel like your wiser. Deciding on what you should do in the present. Take off the blindfold is all that is needed--ok. There's a sense of abandonment in present.


    crowning--5 of wands

    present--2 of swords

    below--8 of cups

    situation--high priestess

    past--ace of cups

    challenges--hanged man



    friends--king of cups

    advice--6 of wands


  • dmick59, Also want to caution you that if someone is telling you they'll change--they're actually stagnated and will take a lot to get to where they need to be.

  • Oh the only person I know that's pregnant now is my daughters step-monther but really don't know what's going on wit it.

  • SG6,

    Spirit was showing me the stomach and baby. I see things in symbols. I don't know her history, of course, has she lost/miscarried before. Some of the symbolism that I'm getting is "under the care of." Of course, she's prob seeing a dr but for some reason spirit is bringing this up. Thanks-needed to get this out.

  • Hi Daliolite

    If you are still doing readings.. I would love one/... Thanks so much

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