Captain help please; Pisces and Taurus Issues

  • Hi Captain. It's been years since I last request your help. By the way, my Leo husband and I are much better. There was a point in my life where enough was enough and I started looking a separation papers. Now, he thinks of us as a family instead of just him, I learned alot about myself too which is have hobbies and take fun risks. We are having more fun now with 2 kids. Yes, he loves his daughter to pieces.

    The reason why I need your help is more on a work relationship. My question is how to deal with a Pices who holds a grudge even after you apologize and turn to teenage like behavior to get under your skin. I always read Pisces can hold a grudge but after awhile they're nicest makes them come back to the normal them. Well, the way this person has been acting, it's more of who they are and not their sign. This is what happened.

    I work with a Pisces, their moodiest was taken too personal, I blew up on them on a public (private) forum mistakenly. This was not suppose to be sent at all but with computer glitches was. This person saw it, was hurt and I apologized. Deeply. It was not in my character to do such a thing. After that, we had a very professional relationship for a couple of weeks. The little chit chat was gone but this person didn't treat me any different, no attitudes or anything. I commended that grown up attitude in this person. Now their Pisces friend was a different story. The friend would invite all to do a activity, even people they talked about behind their backs, just to make me feel left out.. Avoidance even if it entails work. To me, this other person acted like a child, just as what I did but I learned from it. Well, out of nowhere the Pisces I hurt requested I work with another person, and started to do the same thing as her Pisces friend. Teenage like behavior. The last bit was a invite to the entire office, but not me. Me being a Taurus, having my buttons pushed was really hard for me to not react but I figured that's what got me in this mess in the first place.

    So I decided to take the higher road and focus on my goals and being a better Taurus. I lost 15lbs during this time with clean eating and working out my stress. Every little thing they do, is to get a rise out of me and so far I just let it roll off my back. I felt like I apologized and meant. Lets move on. I do not give an attitude, ignore them, or treat them indifferent. I do respect their space so like the other Pisces, she doesn't say hi to me, I don't say hi to her. But when it came to work, she would try to use another person to tell me what they wanted. I want to believe this is not a Pisces trait but that persons personality. What I have noticed is this Pisces who I've hurt will have a pleasant attitude when talking to me about work issues, but let their friends do all the childish crap.

    Now, just recently they're giving the same respect when it's only dealing with the job. If they need anything, I'm always there to help even after I hear them talking bad about me. Taking the higher road feels good and the guilt is disappear because of their antics. I'm starting to think it's not even about me anymore.

    Is this a way a Pisces act when they want nothing to do with you? Do they hold their grudges till the end? What i don't want is to give space to someone like this but then they take it as I'm ignoring them. That is not the case at all.

    I hope this post made sense. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • It's not so much as a grudge that is being held here but the fact that you have lost their trust. The Pisces pair both see your actions as a betrayal of their trust so they feel resentful and foolish for trusting you. I don't know that you can ever win back that trust sinces the fish can swin both ways in their moods, so you may just have to get on with the job and ignore their treatment. .

  • Thank you so much for your quick reply. I definitely understand that. At times I wanna take back that time and just not let my rage take over. Taurus is known to be loyal and at the beginning I wanted to show this person that side of me. After 2 months of "mean girls" games towards me I feel like maybe I don't want to associate myself with someone like that. It's one thing to do something totally out of character and apologize for it. But it's another to try to get back at that person by high school treatment even after you accepted their apology. Now i know if this Pisces is actually speaking to me, it's only because they are tolerating me on a professional level and not to expect anything more if I see them outside of work. . I will continue to ignore the treatment and only focus on the job at hand. This was suppose to happen because I need to grow. This entire situation made me look at my past relationships and a lot of them has fallen off due to me taking things too personal and flying off the handle. Never like this current situation. I've came to realize I have my own insecurities to work on and started to not situations that bothers me build up to a point I'm mad as all hell and that person has no idea why. This is a much need learning experience I will take with me. Thank you again. I really need that perspective. Now I can focus and enjoy my birthday weekend in Prague with my husband. We haven't had a trip without our kids in 2 yrs so I'm extra excited.

  • To take something positive out of a negative situation makes you a winner.

  • Thank you so much for that response Captain. I really needed to hear (read) that on a day like today. 🙂

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