Blmoon can you tell me whats wrong please

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I have always had good health, even great for that matter, and the last few years have been hard with a lot of stress and weight loss, but I have been feeling good.

    About 3 weeks ago I started getting really bad stomach aches after my lunch time. I don't usually eat much at lunch, just a few crackers or something small, and the pain was really bad.

    I thought I had a bug but 3 weeks later it is still bad, even worse.

    Now it is keeping me up at night

    My doctor ran a bunch of tests, but the results aren't in yet and I need some relief.

    I am a little worried it might be something really serious. Help please.

  • My first thought gall bladder. But many folks have had off and on stomach'd been a bumper season for stomach viruses. I remember you had stomach procedure but you've been good. For relief I use ginger's safe and works. Also probiotic capsule are good but the ginger works more immediate. I know last contact you were having anxiety and stress. You usually get past that eventually. Are you worried about something that is scary to think about.? Even though we may put something out of our minds it can manifest as physical pain. I'm recovering from an auto accident and doing much better but tired. Are you waiting too long to eat? Causing muscle spasms? Or acid build up?I do not get anything that is dangerous and can't be fixed. Even if it is gall bladder the procedure is outpatient with a small scope no major incision. Her symptom was severe pain late at night..Try changing the lunch routine since that's the symptom time. If you can't eat lunch earlier try sneaking in a small snack before lunch. Did you do anything strenuous that could have pulled an ab muscle? Painting the house? My first thought was gall bladder but I get no danger vibes. Whatever it ii is will go away and is fixable.BLESSINGS!

  • might already know this but pain relievers like aleve or ibuprofen can cause painful stomach problems so if you have been using those stop.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Thank you so much, I have been very scared. I seem to always have some kind of stress, but this is really bad.

    My doctor ran a bunch of tests and is sending me to a specialist, I am relieved to hear it will be fixed, thanks

  • Is your pain on the right side or on the left?

  • Dear Blmoon,

    The pain is in the middle and it burns like labor.

    When It hurts there is nothing I can do but curl into a ball and cry.

    I had to leave work today and my doctor called and said all her tests were fine so tomorrow I go see a specialist for a colonoscopy.

    I am so afraid that they will find something bad, the only hope I have is you saying it will be okay.

    Thank you

  • I asked about the location because I had a feeling they would schedule for a colonoscopy. Usually bowel issues hurt on the lower right side...gall bladder on the left more under ribs. If I do get pain it is in the middle and actually is more like a hardness like labor. Mine is usually food related. I can not use splenda or sucralos which is in many diet foods. Or chicory root which is in a lot of those yummy fiber bars. The fact you already had tests and they didn't show up anything bad is good. As for women heart disease can show up as pain in stomach. In fact the last time I had painful stomach cramping I wondered if it was my heart! But after my accident they scanned everything and my arteries are clear. What I'm saying is they already ruled out the dire things. Unless you are skipping bowel movements and passing blood cancer is not likely. I still get it is something fixable and worry and fear are not helping but I am sensitive like that as well. Something stressful will give me pain in the middle just under my chest and I deep breathe. Panic attacks can be that painful as well. Yours sounds like a physical issue made worse by stress. My sister had a stomach procedure for weight loss several years ago and just had pain issues several months ago and we do not talk so don't know the details but my brother said they fixed it and she's fine. I still do not get anything not fixable and once you pin point it you will get better. I am healing from a concussion so not over exerting myself. I did get a feeling you have not been eating enough and more frequently and you may have to think about what your food choices have been last two months...any changes? As for picking up outside vibes did they hire anyone new at work or has your son's brought someone new into your life? This may be adding to your symptoms if you are picking up something unpleasant from someone new around you. If you end up in that much pain again try soaking in a hot tub with Epsom salts... pour in.lots of it. BLESSINGS! and a prayer......

    Please dear healing Angels, Raphael, Ariel, and Saint Michael gather all healing helpers to please surround dear Nancy and bathe her in your healing light, and touch her with your healing touch. Whisper in her ear the guidance needed to remain healthy and pain free. Saint Michael. please protect her from outside negative energy and guide her to the best doctors and please bring her relief from her pain. Angels , please soothe her as a loving mother would her own beloved child. May she feel your infinite love the moment she reads this prayer. May she feel safe in knowing this too shall pass. Thank you


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