What is meant by a fixed sign

  • I have been told that My sign Aquarius is a fixed sign and that a Taurus is a fixed sign I am hoping some one out there could explain to me if this combination is good or difficult and what other signs are so called FIXED, and what of course does that really mean.... Hope we can all learn something from this question. Leonida

  • Let's see if I remember my Astro 101... the choices are fixed or mutable... a fixed sign is one whose tendencies tend to remain the same throughout. ...as opposed to a mutable one being one which is easily swayed, changed or adapted to... not a good thing or a bad thing.. just a thing... And I'm sure someone else will add a little more detailed description, but for all general purposes... that's it!

  • Hello July4thBaby, Thank you for your response, I hope we can hear more about this ,,like what other signs are fixed, It sounds to me like 2 fixed signs in a relationship might be more difficult I hope not as that is what I am dealing with and I can see change is needed.

  • All truth be told, I don't know if I remember that much about other signs... I know that all water signs are mutable...as you seek information about a particular sign though, the information should be available somewhere.. reading is fundamental... 😄

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