Need a little help interpreting reading I did for myself.

  • I did a reading regarding my intimate life with my fiancé. We have been dealing with in our intimate life regarding his "stamina" so to speak. He had recently confided to me that this is something he has delt with his whole adult life. We have been together for over 3yrs and im getting frustrated and want to improve our intimate life. We love each other so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but this aspect of our relationship is suffering, especially on my part. I did this reading and need some help figuring it out. 1.) My Life currently(4 shields-rev) to my knowledge this is a card regarding fiances so I don't understand how this card fits this question.

    2.) Obstacles in our sex life-(6 cups rev) which means being stuck in the past. 3.) why does my fiancé have difficult time making our intimate time last longer? (3 shields reversed) my interpretation of this card is poor workmanship in workplace,?? generally a career card again Im not sure where this comes in.4) What Can I do to improve our sex life? (king cups) this card describes a fair powerful leader, like a husband, father figure. so what advice is it giving me? 5.) this there hope for our sex life a.k.a can it be fixed? I got Wheel of Fortune reversed. So is that bad news, bad luck for the future?? 6.) outlook for our sex life. Ace cups reversed. I know this card to mean emotional bruises, emptiness when it comes to love, typically not a good card in readings. so what does it mean in respects to this topic? My fiancé and I feel its possible that there could be something physical going on, but unfortunately He doesn't have insurance or the financial means to see a doctor any time soon. Im doing everything I can to be supportive to the man I love, I know it bothers him and says it isn't fair to me, but I know it isn't his fault and I love him unconditionally. Iv always been a sexual person and even though its not the most important thing to me its still important. I want to this aspect of our relationship to be strong and healthy cause it does make up a portion of any romantic relationship

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