I need some help concerning my job,please.

  • Hello! Please could you help me.

    I was jobless for quite a long time. Now for already a month i am working as a teacher, this is temporary job until may and i don't know what to do next.

    I have always wanted a job connected with my education (finance), but on the other hand i understand that it is low probability now to find this kind of job (taking into account my job gap).

    I don't understand my attitude towards teaching however, but i started to think that i probably would like to work more there. The problem is that when i had an interview for this position i told that i would like to try this job but as a temporary one (i am working instead of my friend, she took a temporary holiday for two months) . And i don't know what to do now. Shall i ask my boss that i would like to work there more (another term from September til December), of course she may be against it, but what if she will allow me to work some more time and i will find another job in summer. I think it will not be polite if i turn down teaching in that case?

    And i really don't know what is best for me. Where to work. ((

    Could you please suggest me something?

  • It can't hurt to ask for a longer term of employment - just say you didn't know how much you would really enjoy the job or something positive like that.

  • TheCaptain, but i don't, what if i find another job? My employment ends in may, and new term only starts in September, so there are some time for a job search. And in this case i don't know how they will react if i for example tell them (people from the university) that i want to work some more as a teacher but then change my mind (in case i find something new). And in general i think that probably job according to my major would suit me more?

    But of course now i don't have any job opportunities and it is very uncertain that i will have them in summer.

  • but i don't know what if

  • Marishkaa, you have to learn how to make a definite decision. You cannot get anywhere in life by being so indecisive - it comes from not understanding yourself well enough to know what you really want to do with your life. When you know who and what you are, there is only ever one path to follow, not many. Recognize that there are no ‘bad’ decisions. Have faith that no matter which decision you choose, that there is a beautiful lesson behind it, and that you will benefit from it, regardless of its potential outcome. Action beats inaction. Be brave – don’t be afraid to make ‘mistakes’. You will get better at evaluating situations, information and your emotions the more you do it. Let the fears subside. Have faith – learn to listen to your instincts and trust your guts. Start by paying close attention to what your inner voice is telling you. You cannot waste your time and energy on "what if"s that may never happen - deal with reality, with the here and now, not future fantasies.

  • TheCaptain, thank you!

    I really do not understand and these doubts are my problem( and even i can't understand my emotions, because now for example i believe that i want to teach them more, but the other day i think this job is not what i really want.

    You are right about what if, because now it is the only job i have. I will try to ask to stay some more time there. It is just summer that makes me hesitate in my decision, that the new term is only from September.

    TheCaptain, may i also ask a question for your cards? I'd like to know whether i am useful or helpful for my students) i mean do they get benefit from my lessons?

  • I asked the cards what your students got out of your teaching.

    Your card is -

    The Card of Wisdom, Stability, Maturity, and Dignity - I think that is self-explanatory. It seems you really do help your students.

  • TheCaptain thank you very much! I didn't expected such a card for my question.

  • Hello, TheCaptain!

    May i ask again your advice, please.

    They made me an offer today, next week i will sign the documents, but now is already mercury retrograde, and i know this is not good for such decisions, What do you think? (But i started to work there in spring).

    And may i also ask you to pick a card, whether it was a right decision to agree to this job, Or what do the cards think of my decision? Thank you!

  • During Mercury retrograde, it doesn't mean you shouldn't sign any documents or contracts, only that you should give them more thought and scrutiny than usual.

    The outcome of your decision - your card is:

    The Card of THE LAW OF FAITH

    This situation calls for an understanding of the spiritual Law of Faith. The Law of Faith is founded upon the recognition that we know more than we have read, heard or studied; we know more because we are more; we have a direct link to universal wisdom; we only have to look, listen, and trust. Faith is a quality of such high frequency that it transcends the lower laws and makes the impossible possible. Faith allows miracles to take place. The Law of Faith is simple. If you have total faith in an outcome, it will come about. When you doubt, you push away that which you want. You must allow absolute, implicit, total trust in the Divine, you know that whatever is for the greatest good will happen. Faith takes away fear. Faith means constantly listening to your inner guidance and intuition. ‘Blind faith’ however implies giving away your trust without a foundation for it. Blind faith is merely hope. Confidence is faith in self. If you have a foundation of self-esteem and worth, you will be a relaxed and easy person to be with. No one can undermine you for you will trust your own ability, and others will intuitively trust you. Faith is the foundation for success, manifestation, prayer and decrees. When you have faith in a vision, it must succeed. Faith is the greatest power there is. But don’t limit the ways good fortune can strike you. If you want money, don’t narrow your chances by believing only in winning the lottery. If you want the perfect job, don’t focus on any particular field or profession. If you want true love, don’t pin your hopes on one particular person because they may not be the right one for you in the end. Have faith that a Higher Power knows better than you do what you need. Just believe you are attracting abundance and true love - and allow it to come from anywhere and anyone - and it will happen. You are being asked to trust in Spirit. Faith is our direct link to Universal Wisdom, reminding us that we know more that we have heard or read or studied – that we have only to look, listen, and trust the love and wisdom of the Universal Spirit working through us all. Faith does not require a belief in a religion, it’s about trusting the love and intelligence, and Spirit working through you and all creation. As you live in the Light of this Law, it will transform your perception and experience. You will find lessons and opportunities in every challenge. What would happen to you right now if a miracle occurred and you knew with absolute certainty that God existed and you were part of God? Assume that you received confirmation that, without a shadow of a doubt, God is here guiding you, protecting you, loving you. That God will give you everything you need to make you heal, grow and evolve into Being - a part of God. That you now no longer had to fear anything, that you would not lose anything that was needed for your Higher Good. That you could love everything and everyone for Who They Really Are, parts of God. That every pleasure and every hardship you had to experience was for your Higher Good so you could heal, grow and evolve into Being, a part of God. If you could no longer have any fear and that you could know only love. What would happen to you right now, and in every successive moment of now, if you believed this to be true? Do you really want it to be true? Then live your life as if this were true. Believe it; See it; Do it; Create it. What do you have to lose? Is your life right now better than believing that God is here and you are part of God? That God is love and You are love. Have faith that God is here with you now. That you are part of God. That God is love. That you are love - and see what happens to your life. Trust the process. Expect a miracle. The Law of Faith reminds us to trust the Spirit inside ourselves to give us the best answers and solutions, to believe that we know the right thing to do - and to do it..

  • Hello, TheCaptain! And thank you.

    Do i understand the card right, this job is not bad not good, it is just the job that will be better for me for some purpose? I should trust the process = i should believe that it is best for me?

  • Is it positive or negative card?

  • Marishkaa, the card is advising you to trust your decision-making ability and not keep second-guessing or doubting yourself so much. And when you do make a decision, go with your choice and commit to making the absolute best of it. Don't be half-hearted or dithering about it. If you go through life always thinking maybe you should be somewhere else or with someone else - that the grass may be greener in another place - you will cheat yourself of enjoying where you are and who you are with. You cannot go wrong wherever you go because you will always find something to learn and to help you grow.

  • Yes, TheCaptain, i have this traits, that i always think maybe, what if. Thank you for your help! and for showing me positive attitude for the situation.

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